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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bee Hive Hair Style Is Officially 50 Years Old ~ Happy Anniversary

Every "Girl Group" in the 50s had one, as did famous movie stars. And now we have Amy Winehouse and even Snookie sporting a form of one.

What do they have in common? Why a Bee Hive Hair do ~ celebrating its 50th year.

Who would think a simple little black velvet fez-style cap with two beaded decorations that look like bees inspired an entire generation of hair styles! Yes, that's how the "bee hive" hair do got its name.

This year, hairstylist Margaret Vinci Heldt, 92 is being honored for her hairstyle creation. How was it created? "I liked that hat because, when I took it off, my hairstyle stayed in place," Heldt said. Mrs. Heldt knew after her first visit to a hair salon at age 6 this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, style hair.

Bored with common hair styles of the era, such as pageboys, flips and French twists, she wanted to create something different. With so much ratting (back combing) and hair spray, women loved it as it stayed in place for a week. You simply had to use a rat-tail comb to "re-puff" it back out after sleeping. and it would bounce right back. This was the era of women wrapping their hair in toilet paper as well when they went to bed to help "hold" that style in shape.

The Chicago History Museum is adding Mrs. Heldt hair style to their collection, and a Scholarship was created in her name that will be awarded for the first time in March.

She created a style that not only lasted a decade, it still is "inspiring" some of today's hair styles. Here in Texas, you often still see high hair, especially on the older Dallas Socialites who believe "the Higher the Hair, the closer to God" so its a common site.

And yes.. I too was sporting a beehive in 1969. So thank you, and Happy Anniversary Mrs. Heldt for forever changing our hair.

(me) yvonne ~ Vintagepretties ~ Prom 1969

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What To Wear On A Cruise - Vintage of Course

If I were invited on another cruise, I would have my shoes on, and suitcase in hand before you could finish your question. Destination wouldn't matter. Cruises are fabulous!

There is nothing like the food, the fun, the excursions, the food, the scenery, the buffet, the Ship entertainment, the formal dinners, the Ship theater, the 24 hour food court, waking up to different ports in different towns, the late night coffee and desert bar, only unpacking once, having your bed turned down with chocolates and orchids on your pillow and a menu to select what you want to eat the next day.

Did I mention food? Its fabulous! It doesn't matter if you hit the buffet or have dinner with the captain, There is no bad food on a cruise.

Your entire trip will be exciting. If you are lucky enough to be going on a cruise this year, make sure you pack formal for dinner as required on most ships, take wrinkle free clothing as well as versatile. Things you can mix and match so you can pack less items and have room in your suitcase to bring home treasures from every port!

Just a few suggestions available at

A fabulous louging outfit for your cabin, the robe doubles as a bathing suit cover:

Luxurious vintage 80s Halston Satin Lounge Pants Robe Set M L pajamas

A darling little sheer dress for off shore excursions that packs without a wrinkle!

Vintage Shirt Waist Dress Sheer S Peach Wispy Lace Applique

A beautiful dress for dinner with the captain:

Vintage Evening Gown Bengaline Moire Blue 80s NWT small

Of course, Shoes to go with it:

Vintage ladies heels Bombazine shoes 6.5 Un├╝tzer black Silk

~~ Bon Voyage!!

Gray is Not Boring - Vintage Pretties in Grey

Gray is predicted to be one of the "hot" trendy colors next spring.. and it doesn't matter if you spell it with an "a" or an "e" its not only a beautiful neutral color, it goes with anything, Its a classy, "rich" color.

I think you'll agree when you see these darling shoes, this luxurious shimmery satin robe or the flirty little gray print ruffly babydoll nightgown, all available at

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Darling Peep Toe gray 60s Shoes~ Pumps Heels 8 AA

Luxurious Wrap Robe Jones NY Liquid Satin Pewter Gray Brocade Fluid Dressing Gown S M

Flirty vintage babydoll nightgown slippery Satin Chiffon Ruffle Hem M gray with blue & pink floral print

Vintage Outlet

Happy New Year!

I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support, encouragement, friendship, business and love this past year. Every one of you are truly appreciated.

I also sincerely appreciate all the new friendships.. a "customer" becoming a friend is very special to me. You guys are the BEST!

May each of you have a wonderful, Happy, healthy New Year ~ the best ever ~ filled with friends, family and love!

Thank you all!


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