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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pantone Fall 2011 Deep Teal Vintage Lingerie

For over 40 years,
has predicted color trends in everything from graphics to cars. For the last fourteen, they "diversified" to fashion, with trend setting colors for every season. Its always fun to get a sneak peek of the colors, see the new names for them and watch each color transition into society.

Its also fun to see what goes around comes around. Many popular colors from the 60s are hot again this year, like avocado green and harvest gold, re named and the hues changed a bit.

Always a blue / green person, my favorite is the Deep Teal.. a color that looks great on anyone, from blonde to brunette and there's a shade of teal perfect for everyone! Here are just a few vintage lingerie items available at

in different styles ~ and different shades of teal.

Stunning Teal with touch of Lace Accent Vintage Nightgown

Deep Teal Vintage Olga Sleeping Pretty Nightgown

Vintage Pajamas Silky Nylon Shadowline Petite S M teal Aqua 70s

Vintage Babydoll Nightgown Chiffon Peignoir Robe Ruffle hem Teal S M Flirty

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Pantone Women's Fashion color Chart Fall 2011:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

1951 Future Hollywood Starlets in Amazing Dresses

My dear friend and fellow vintie Louise has a blog i really enjoy,
Catwalk Threads.
Louise frequently features vintage magazines in her blog with the loveliest pictures.

That said, and proper credit given where due I'm "borrowing" Louise's idea and want to share the most wonderful article in a 1951 Life Magazine.

Titled "Apprentice Goddesses .. Hollywood Hopes Some of these Dozen Damsels Will Be Big Stars."

The article is pages of "future" Hollywood movie stars. The dresses are so absolutely FABULOUS, I hope you will enjoy them as much as you will recognizing these women before they were stars ~

From Left to Right - Phyllis Kirk, 22; Debra Paget, 17; Debbie Reynolds, 18; Jean Hagen, 25; and Nancy Olsen, 22.
Aren't the gowns to die for???

Mala Powers, 20:

Jan Sterling, 20:

Arlene Dahl:

Barbara Bates, 24:

June Haver(do you LOVE this dress?)24:

Marilyn Monroe, 22:

Eleanor Parker, 28:

Did you recognize them? They are all so young and beautiful!

Vintage Pretties

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Find Trendy Pantone Fall Colors in Classic Vintage Clothing

Nougat Tiered Ruffle 60s Cord Peasant Jumper Dress XS S

For 14 years,
has set the color trends in fashion, even longer for cars and household item color trends working two years in advance.

This year the 2011 colors seem especialy exciting. Colors from the 60s return, tweaked a little and of course, given much more attractive names. If you remember the old "harvest gold" appliances your parents had in the 60s, it is now similar to "Bamboo" and a rich, beautiful hue. "Avacodo" is very similar to Cedar, and if you love greens, you will adore this shade.

Offering both Trendy Fashion colors for Men and Women, here is the women's chart~

Like colors, vintage clothing never seems to go out of style either. Most are classic and timeless styles and can be updated with a new belt, jewelry or accessories and are trendy again!

here are just a few of the vintage fashions we have at
Vintage Outlet
in current trendy colors to be totally in style.

Bamboo Vintage 60s Mad Men Suit Gabardine Asymmetric jacket 3 pc Suit

Orchid Blush Vintage Secretary blouse Slate Blue Pussy Bow S

Nougat vintage Pearlsnap embroidered Western Shirt

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