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Friday, August 27, 2010

Vintage Lingerie The Hard Part is Parting With It

i go to so many estate sales, and fortunately find so many vintage pretties, it's typically "just my job" and i try to seek out only the most beautiful or that really rare, unusual item to offer my customers. Of course, after ten years, i can usually spot a brand a mile away, and also buy the "common" styles and lines, like any vintage Olga. Often styles or designs are repeated by other manufacturers, and typically are alike. But every once in a while i find something unique~ lingerie just so beautiful or striking, they are hard to part with.

Silly. I know. If i can't wear them, just pass them along, right? Sometimes they aren't really my style, other times not my size.

Just the same, i sometimes fall in love with a unique style or different fabric. On those occasions, after taking the photo's of the item, I just leave them on the mannequin so i can "enjoy" them for a while. You probably think I'm totally crazy by now. It just never ceases to amaze me how a tiny concept in a designer's mind, combined with just the perfect fabric and the right accents turns into something beautiful.

A fan of simple designs, I love the color combination of this set. The purple-blue against the white is just stunning... and no lace, no frills, just simple and feminine. Vintage Gilead, with a very contemporary design.

As a complete opposite, we have this beauty. A layer of ultra silky semi sheer nylon, over the nylon, a full, floaty layer of chiffon. An Intime, always a favorite. I love that this is versatile lingerie~ one little nightgown can offer so many different options. It can be worn just as it is, full and flowing. Two tiny little embroidered "button holes" at the side seam allow you to tie it different ways with a satin ribbon sash, and create completely different looks. My personal favorite is under the chiffon in back, tying the bow over the chiffon in front so the back trails.. very Grecian goddess!

The last favorite this month is the most amazing little pink peignoir robe. Made by Godfried, surprisingly its from the same estate as the Intime.. and the complete opposite. Where the Intime is sexy, this little robe is as sweet and innocent as can be. The only thing "sexy" about it is the fact its sheer. Two layers of double pink chiffon.. with a peter pan color ~ very demure. But.. the entire bodice is all embroidered dots. Dotted swiss, but real ones, not the flocked. Very beautiful.I admire the design, the embroidery and the style. Truly fabulous!

These are my "favorite things" this month...the ones that were left on Harriet the Mannequin to admire. these are all listed at Ready to go to new homes and be admired by a new owner. I've already started new ones for next month.. there's a new pretty on Harriet right now as i type.

Monday, August 23, 2010

"The Candy Store"

I'm sure we have all done it... looked at something and suddenly were overcome with waves of nostalgia. Memories long forgotten, suddenly overwhelming us.

That's exactly what happened to me.

What triggered it? Candy boxes of all things. Old,soiled candy boxes from the 1960's.
Almond Joy, Three Muskateers, Mars bars, Milk Shake and Baby Ruth. Memories came flooding back. You see, as a child, my grandfather owned a little "candy store" in Detroit. It was heaven! The store was right in a residential area, and the only store within blocks.

The building was two story. Grandma and Grandpa lived upstairs, an aunt and uncle lived in the small apartment behind the store. The store iteself faced the street, which encompassed the front and wrapped a corner. There even was a garden in the backyard, where we enjoyed tomatoes and berries all summer long.

From the early 1940s to the late 1960s Grandma and Grandpa owned the store. It wasn't a "candy store" of course, but that's what the children called it. In times way before "supermarkets," the store had an old fashioned meat counter and deli, grandpa would butcher the meat himself and wrap it in brown paper. They carried fresh milk, delivered daily in bottles as well as any soda pop you could imagine and a small line of basic groceries,canned goods and snacks.

Neighbors would come daily and select their meat for dinner that night. There were three wide long steps in a curve to the entrance of the store, and there was always someone sitting on the "stoop" drinking a Nehi and visiting with a neighbor.

Grandma manned the long counter and the cash register while Grandpa tended the meat counter. There were shelves stocked to the ceiling, but Gram had a long pole with little clamps on the end that would grab the item down for her.

My favorite section of the store was the long glass enclosed candy counter! Everything you could imagine, the entire top shelf were items for only a penny. Rolled licorice records. malted milk balls, smartees, jaw breakers, Mary Jane's, squirrels, tootsie rolls, suckers,candy dots on long strips of paper, bazooka bubble gum and my favorite ~ Teaberry gum.

Gram would stand patiently while the local children would take forever deciding what all they wanted with their pennies or a whole nickel, then gram would put all their favorites in a tiny brown paper sack.

And chocolate bars! So many different kinds! Since it was OUR grandparents store, we could have our choice of candy. Allowed only one candy bar a day, but any kind we wanted.

Oh how we all loved spending the night at Grandma's house! We'd "sweep" the store, or take out trash and be rewarded with a chocolate bar or extra treat. I'm sure we weren't much help, but were treated just the same. We'd also be allowed "pop", chips or ice cream during the sleep-overs.

A fun custom back then among children was to yell "dibbies" when anyone had anything. That meant if another child yelled dibbie as we came out of the store, we had to yell "no dibbie" first; or share our item. Most time we and often we'd sit on the stoop and alternate licks of our ice cream or share a bag of chips with the other kids.

On Saturdays, Grandpa would go to the "warehouse" to get his weekly order of items for the store. Since it was near our house, he would always stop by on his way back.

Grandpa would arrive in his big Buick and open the trunk. We would run outside the minute we saw him pull up, knowing the trunk would be full. There would be boxes and boxes of candy. He would have every candy bar imaginable! We were each allowed a treat, and would select a candy bar.

I always chose my favorite, the "Milk Shake" bar.. it was a whipped chocolate malted milk inside, caramel and covered in milk chocolate, similar to today's Milky Way; but a richer malt chocolate.

I had completely forgotten the Milk Shake.. the candy bar has long been discontinued. Discovering the boxes brought back all the the memories and the fun times with my grandparents. Of course I bought the three of my favorites the shop owner had, and each time I go in my kitchen, I smile as I notice them and fondly remember my grandparents and the happy years in their "candy store".

My mother and I outside Grandpa's store, circa 1952

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School Vintage Style

Pretty R / K wine Crochet Boho hippie crop sweater TOP Shrug

When i was young, I would be so excited to go back to school in the fall as I'm sure kids still are. With so many schools wearing uniforms these days, the thrill of school clothes is probably long gone. But for me it was a time for new clothes and shoes.

I loved back to school shopping! Since there were five of us, we were allowed to get school shoes and new gym shoes, and 5 outfits, one for each day. Mom always supervised to make sure we could interchange the pieces to stretch our wardrobe.

It seems plaid was mandatory and the style in the 1960s. I always ended up getting at least one plaid skirt, I loved plaid and still do. So at least one plaid A-line skirt, and of course a matching cardigan and usually a plain white man tailored shirt created "one outfit"

As I got older I was allowed to shop by myself, but my mothers shopping wisdom always stayed in the back of my mind. Being in high school of course I wanted trendier things, and would buy a few to incorporate, but still sticking to basic skirts and sweaters in the mix.

Of course it was ridiculous to buy winter clothes, when Michigan mornings were cool, but by afternoon it was too warm for them. We proudly wore our new sweaters and wool skirts anyway.

As my own girls grew up I still tried to carry on the traditon of getting that plaid in there somewhere. Back to school shopping wasn't as much fun, since by then we were in Texas, where school starts in August and you can wear shorts almost until October. We would buy a few new pair of shorts and then re shop later in the fall for "real" school clothes..

With so many schools wearing uniforms these days, the thrill of school clothes is probably long gone. Sadly, today's school kids are missing a wonderful tradition. I can appreciate peer pressure, outrageously priced coveted designer clothing, and the relief school uniforms are to the average family. For those still allowed to wear their own clothing it would be so much fun to incorporate some vintage into their fall wardrobe.

Vintage also encourages your child to have their own style.. if they are Skaters, Indie, Emo, Punk, Goth, or just little hippies, there is sure to be vintage pieces to suit each one!

If your kids wear uniforms, you can still "back to school shop" for yourself. Bring back your fond shopping memories with our mothers by adding classic vintage Fall pieces to your work wardrobe, like plaid skirts and pretty cardigans that are timeless and classic, Its a great excuse for some new clothes for everyone!

Here's just a sampling of cute Back To School items from

Tiered Ruffle 60s Cordouroy Peasant Jumper Corset bodice XS S

Vintage 60s Preppy Midi A-Line Wool Buffalo Plaid Skirt S small

Grunge Punk PIERCED Top Gold tone Rings..Zipper Neck vintage S M med

Vintage 60s CUTE Turtleneck Split Skirt Scooter Jumper M L

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fashion Today - Make it Your Own Style with Vintage Clothing

With budgets so tight, we all need to look for ways to save money. To the working woman, clothing is "not an option" for a cutback. We need to dress respectably when we leave for the office, and just as much in a retail position where clothing is seen by many, and often we are judged on our appearance. An option to consider is vintage. Vintage is anything 20 years old, more than that is considered antique.
By incorporating vintage to your wardrobe, you accomplish many things. First, you're recycling, and we all love that word. Then we have the fact you are saving tons of money. we like that too! Most of all, you are creating your own unique sense of style.

Many vintage items never seem to go out of style, and many are just timeless classics. A good new wool blazer will set you back at least a hundred dollars, yet a vintage one is typically around $25. I'm sure you will actually find the vintage a superior construction, better wool and better lining fabrics. It is also a good opportunity to pick up a designer item at a fraction of the cost.

Classic shirt waist dresses are always in fashion and easy to find. Add a trendy necklace to the dress and make it current. A vintage sweater or shrug takes you from summer to fall. Add a blazer, and you just carried that same dress from fall to winter. A different belt or a scarf results in a completely different look.

Love good cashmere sweaters? look for vintage. Again, timeless and classic. Rarely do you find cashmere in a style other than classic. It has no date, and will look as good in ten years as it did twenty years ago. If you have purchased a cashmere sweater recently, you probably discovered a problem with pilling. The cashmere of today's sweaters is not the quality of vintage, which rarely pills.

Working with vintage pieces by adding them to your wardrobe will give you a completely different look. The most basic pieces will be better investments than current items. Use accessories like jewelry, scarves or belts to give your wardrobe a current look without breaking your budget.

Shop on line for good vintage. The supply is abundant and it is the most convenient way to shop. On line shops are open 24/7 ~ you will not have to wait for the stores to open, and you don't have to put on make up or dress up to do so! We have the "classics" below in our shop and more! see us at:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vintage Maxi Dress ~ a Wonderful Little Fashion Secret

Maxi dresses were the rage of hippies, you saw them everywhere. It was a daily fashion item, from straight to full and flowing, sleeveless, strapless and even long sleeves. Maybe they were on to something! If you haven't worn a maxi dress since the 70's ~ you need to give them a try again. They are SUPER comfortable, hide a multitude of "flaws".. and always look cute.

Maxi's are so versatile. You can slip one on to run to the store, later its perfect for a dinner out. They are never make you feel underdressed or over dressed. A pool party? the perfect solution! Some come with little matching or coordinating jackets or just carry a light shrug to cover your arms if it gets chilly.

Cruise? vacation? they pack perfect and are nice for Dinner with the captain or a cocktail at the tiki bar. Just lounging at home? always comfortable.

Of course vintage maxi dresses are best, they are authentic. Pretty fabrics, incredible construction and classic timeless styling. From gorgeous Hawaiian prints, to solid and subtle..the variety is endless.

Try one again, and if you weren't born until after the 1970's, you'll quickly learn how pretty you feel in a maxi and how wonderful they are to wear!

The above Vintage Maxi dresses are just a small sampling available at:

and at: