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Monday, August 2, 2010

Vintage Maxi Dress ~ a Wonderful Little Fashion Secret

Maxi dresses were the rage of hippies, you saw them everywhere. It was a daily fashion item, from straight to full and flowing, sleeveless, strapless and even long sleeves. Maybe they were on to something! If you haven't worn a maxi dress since the 70's ~ you need to give them a try again. They are SUPER comfortable, hide a multitude of "flaws".. and always look cute.

Maxi's are so versatile. You can slip one on to run to the store, later its perfect for a dinner out. They are never make you feel underdressed or over dressed. A pool party? the perfect solution! Some come with little matching or coordinating jackets or just carry a light shrug to cover your arms if it gets chilly.

Cruise? vacation? they pack perfect and are nice for Dinner with the captain or a cocktail at the tiki bar. Just lounging at home? always comfortable.

Of course vintage maxi dresses are best, they are authentic. Pretty fabrics, incredible construction and classic timeless styling. From gorgeous Hawaiian prints, to solid and subtle..the variety is endless.

Try one again, and if you weren't born until after the 1970's, you'll quickly learn how pretty you feel in a maxi and how wonderful they are to wear!

The above Vintage Maxi dresses are just a small sampling available at:

and at:

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