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Friday, August 27, 2010

Vintage Lingerie The Hard Part is Parting With It

i go to so many estate sales, and fortunately find so many vintage pretties, it's typically "just my job" and i try to seek out only the most beautiful or that really rare, unusual item to offer my customers. Of course, after ten years, i can usually spot a brand a mile away, and also buy the "common" styles and lines, like any vintage Olga. Often styles or designs are repeated by other manufacturers, and typically are alike. But every once in a while i find something unique~ lingerie just so beautiful or striking, they are hard to part with.

Silly. I know. If i can't wear them, just pass them along, right? Sometimes they aren't really my style, other times not my size.

Just the same, i sometimes fall in love with a unique style or different fabric. On those occasions, after taking the photo's of the item, I just leave them on the mannequin so i can "enjoy" them for a while. You probably think I'm totally crazy by now. It just never ceases to amaze me how a tiny concept in a designer's mind, combined with just the perfect fabric and the right accents turns into something beautiful.

A fan of simple designs, I love the color combination of this set. The purple-blue against the white is just stunning... and no lace, no frills, just simple and feminine. Vintage Gilead, with a very contemporary design.

As a complete opposite, we have this beauty. A layer of ultra silky semi sheer nylon, over the nylon, a full, floaty layer of chiffon. An Intime, always a favorite. I love that this is versatile lingerie~ one little nightgown can offer so many different options. It can be worn just as it is, full and flowing. Two tiny little embroidered "button holes" at the side seam allow you to tie it different ways with a satin ribbon sash, and create completely different looks. My personal favorite is under the chiffon in back, tying the bow over the chiffon in front so the back trails.. very Grecian goddess!

The last favorite this month is the most amazing little pink peignoir robe. Made by Godfried, surprisingly its from the same estate as the Intime.. and the complete opposite. Where the Intime is sexy, this little robe is as sweet and innocent as can be. The only thing "sexy" about it is the fact its sheer. Two layers of double pink chiffon.. with a peter pan color ~ very demure. But.. the entire bodice is all embroidered dots. Dotted swiss, but real ones, not the flocked. Very beautiful.I admire the design, the embroidery and the style. Truly fabulous!

These are my "favorite things" this month...the ones that were left on Harriet the Mannequin to admire. these are all listed at Ready to go to new homes and be admired by a new owner. I've already started new ones for next month.. there's a new pretty on Harriet right now as i type.

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