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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Choosing a Homecoming Dress .. Think Vintage

The kids are back to school and all the after school activities have already started. Football schedules are out.. And of course the highlight of football season is Homecoming.. the parade, the pep rally and the all - important Homecoming dance.

Trends the last few years have been short dresses.. with some girls opting for a more long formal gown as well.. Each of us chooses what looks best on us, and what we are more comfortable in.

If you going in a limo, and want a more elegant experience, you might want to consider a long floor length gown.

If you are going with a group of your best girl friends, and plan on dancing till you drop, a short dress would probably be more comfortable.

You can look and feel like a princess in a pink full ball gown? Are you shy and modest, so prefer straps on your dress to strapless? A peek-back dress would be cute. Is your favorite color blue? Does peach flatter your hair coloring? Does green make your eyes sparkle and pop?

There are so many things to consider for this important event.. and you want to make sure you get the most perfect dress to flatter you and suit your personality and be the dress of your dreams.

Most of all, we're sure your parents would appreciate if you saved them a little money and considered vintage. Vintage has style, is unique, incredible fabrics and superior construction.

You are sure to find the perfect dress in vintage way more inexpensive than at a store. And, you can be sure you and your arch enemy will not show up in the most popular seller, same dress from a chain store. Don't forget, if you fall in love with a long dress, but prefer short, a dress can be altered to the right lenght for you. Here are just a few of the many available in our shops:

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