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Friday, December 31, 2010

Avoid the Winter Blues, Lounge in It With a Vintage Robe

We're about to hit that long stretch after all the excitement of the holidays.. you know.. the winter blues where we just can't wait for spring. Instead of having the winter blues, how about wearing it?

Blue is such a pretty color, and in so many hues, there is a shade flattering on everyone. Beautiful to lounge in, we have vintage blue robes in short sleeve or long, lightweight cotton or plush velour. Pick your favorite!
All are available at

Short Sleeve Light weight Blue vintage Zip Front Vanity Fair long Robe lounger XS S

Luxurious Velour Zip Front Vintage Robe Komar Sapphire Blue Knee length S

Elegant Lace Insets Blue matte Satin Designer Christian Dior Dressing Gown Robe

Lightweight Blue Check Waltz Length Vintage Rare Cotton Miss Elaine Lounge Robe or Nightgown S M

Blue not your color? we have other colors available too!

Friday, December 24, 2010

My Bathroom is Downright Cute

A friend sent me a link to a web site this morning. I'm still laughing, so I just have to share.

First, I have to defend my bathrooms.

My master bath is in pink. Hey, I'm a single lady, so I can get away with it, right? Standard decorating. You know, baskets with towels, a huge brandy snifter of cute little soaps stolen from hotels.

The "powder room" downstairs is totally blah. Painted a really pretty taupe when I was on my "lets try neutral colors for a change" mood last January. Again, nondescript. Faux marble floor. Vintage glassware used as a planter on a little shelf, more vintage glass ware as accents and a framed vintage postcard Grandma's boyfriend sent to her in 1914 before she married Grandpa.

The main bath is what i "thought" was cute till just now. A clear shower curtain that kind of looks vintage with sea shells randomly scattered all over it. A tall raku vase with a fish on it that was a gift from my neighbors on our lake in MI when we moved. A vast sand collection from every beach we ever went to from Hawaii to the FL Keys in tiny little jars in a hanging curio cabinet. Tacky seashell souvenirs from traveling friends as we try to out do each other with tackiness. Of course there's a seashell mobile. hanging high in the corner. Yep. totally tacky now that I'm reading this. Maybe it needs a pink flamingo or two.

But i think its "downright cute"

And what made me laugh? Why my pink flamingo ugly sweater shown on this blog, and their comment. Nah. they really wouldn't want to see my bathrooms.

These Berkley girls are so cute! (i had to say that, it goes with "downright cute) and are quite witty. I would have been friends with them in school. Can't wait till they discover my ugly golf sweater ~ as long as they don't trash my kitchen next. It really is downright cute!

ON HOLD Ugly Sweater Vintage hand knit Pink Flamingo Tunic vibrant color

Someone’s comment from this website was, “This would certainly win any “ugly sweater” contest, but since i love pink flamingos’ .. i think its downright cute!”

I love sweaters but … Downright cute? Really? This makes me really want/ really not want to see how this lady’s bathroom is decorated.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Romantic Vintage Chiffon Lingerie Gifts She Will Adore

Vintage Aqua Full Sweep Chiffon Nightgown Peignoir Set

One of the most romantic fabrics is chiffon. It is soft, luxurious and feminine, especially the vintage all nylon chiffon. There is nothing like it today. Chiffon is not just "sexy" but can be modest and feminine as well and comes in any color of the rainbow.

There is chiffon for every taste or style, from a sweet little demure gown with a chiffon overlay, or a dramatic sweeping sheer nightgown with a matching sheer chiffon robe, to a flirty little nylon nightgown with just a hint of wispy chiffon in the form a little bedjacket. She'll love it and you for giving it to her!! These and more chiffon gowns available at


Chocolate and Peaches Vintage Babydoll Nightgown and Peignoir

Demure and feminine Lilac Vintage Nightgown

Teal Vintage BabydollNightgown Chiffon Peignoir

All these and more Chiffon available at:


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vintage Hats For The Holidays.. Perfect Accent for Any Outfit

Nothing compliments an outfit, especially at the Holidays more than a vintage hat. It will take the simplest outfit and turn it into fabulous, bringing you compliments all night.

Theres a shape or style for everyone and all women look fabulous in a hat. Practical all year round to protect your head, keep you warm, but most particularly in winter.

A little black tam for your LBD, pink sequins for your New Year's Eve gown, if you love the mystery of a veil as in The Black Swan movie a fascinator or a whimsey. How about a pretty green hat for Christmas day. Wear a hat and make a statement! All available at
Vintage Outlet

Christmas Green Vintage Bollman Hat Satin Rhinestone band

All Sequin! Vintage Adolfo Bollman Sparkly little Hat

New in Box Vintage Fascinator Whimsie Veil Hat

Hand Made in Italy Vintage Boho Fluffy Black Tam Beret

all these and more available at
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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Vintage Christmas Again

Do we all get lost in the fast pace of life? Do we loose all traditions as we get older?

As I opened the box with the self-lit three foot tall pink Christmas tree last night, I realized this just isn't right. Somewhere through the years, this Holiday-crazy lady lost her spirit. Was it when the last child went off to college? Was it the middle child convincing me a pink tree was "cool" last year? Or did I just get lazy. It was always fun decorating the yard and the house. The packing it all up after Christmas is the chore.

I would go all out every holiday, but Christmas the most. Every room had its own decorations, theme and a Christmas tree. The kitchen tree was decorated with vintage miniature cookie cutters, rolling pins, aprons and tiny pot holders. The dining room featured my vintage nutcrackers everywhere as well as nutcracker ornaments on the treein that room. Not even the bathroom escaped me, a tiny tree on a shelf was trimmed with woodland critters in Santa hats, as well as towels, rug and even door knob covers. The children each did their own rooms, complete with lights and a tree.

The living room was my favorite. We'd pick the tallest, fattest pine, put the top down on the car to get it home and the festivities began. Tradition was sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music by Striesand, Elvis and Aaron Neville among our favorites as we decorated the tree.

Stories would flow from each of us as we hung every ornament. When the kids were young, we had started a tradition of making ornaments for everyone in the family. As the kids grew, the ornaments got more intricate with their skills. There were years of hand painted plaster and wood. Macaroni angels, cellophane candy canes, pipe cleaner reindeer, and even sugar egg dioramas. Everyone had one they made for themselves as well as gifts to other family members each year.

As we gifted these ornaments, friends and relatives followed our tradition and each of us always got dated ornaments back, special to each person's interest or hobby. A vacation to Hawaii? we didn't buy tacky souvenirs, but each came home with an ornament. A trip, a visit to a museum, or a tourist sight? Yes, another ornament for our collection. I even have several that were gifts from my customers through the years, also very special to me.

When each child grew up, left home and went on their own, so did their totes of their personal ornaments. At Christmas, I can expect a phone call from each as they decorate their own tree, with memories of each ornament, and sentimental reminiscing of the events or stories behind the ornaments and the laughs at some of the more "primitive" ones, knowing how precious they are now. We're not decorating the tree together anymore, but its just as nice to hear them and knowing they are still enjoying their precious ornaments and the sentiments.

Ironically, most of the ornaments now are classified "vintage" since they are at least 20 years old; 30 years old for my son's collection. So many memories through all the years.

Today was the day they called. We reminisced, laughed and shared happy memories of the relatives now deceased they have these little treasures from that are extra special now as they decorated their tree. My son now has a son, and he not only shares the stories of each ornament with is child, they too have started a tradition of crafting ornaments for everyone. The tradition continues with yet another generation.

As I hung up the phone, and turned to look at the pink tree, still in its box, I realized its time to go back to our traditions. The entire house doesn't have to be decorated, but at least I can get my great aunt's now thirty year old quilted tree skirt and the ornaments out the children made for me, put the top down on my little car and go get a real tree again. I'll put on the Christmas cd's, make some hot chocolate and enjoy decorating the tree with vintage family memories.

The pink tree? I'll drop it off at a chairty tomorrow and maybe a little girl who loves pink will appreciate it..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweaters or Are The Pretty

Against personal judgement.. I guess these are classified as "Ugly Christmas Sweaters." But, if you've followed my blog, you know i personally love them and think them pretty. I'm the one with the cute little Christmas pins too~ ok. I'm weird. Its fun to get into the spirit of the season, lol.

But ~ Trends rule. No era had better "ugly sweaters" than the 80s. Again, vintage re-surfaces in latest trends, even if not necessarily favorably in this form. So if you are going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, here are just a few selections that hopefully win you first prize.

If you are like me, and actually think these are pretty.. wear one to work, to the club, out for lunch or make your students smile as you show Holiday spirit wearing a Christmas sweater.

Red Fluffy Ugly Christmas Sweater Satin Poinsettia, sequins, faux pearls

Silver Sparkle Snowflakes Aqua Ugly Christmas Sweater M L

Vintage Angora Ugly Christmas Sweater Snowmen Small

Wreaths, Beads, Sequin Ugly Christmas Sweater XL

Monday, November 22, 2010

Vintage Pretties New With Tags Lingerie Perfect for Gift Giving

It always amazes me to find vintage items, new never worn. The manufacturer tags still attached, hanging from a sleeve just as it was when it was purchased 40+ years ago. How can someone possess such beautiful items and never enjoy or wear them?

Possibly, the recipient received more items as gifts than they could wear in a lifetime! My grandmother always wore dresses. Always. pants were just not an option. For gift occasions, we always gave her slips or flannel nightgowns. The nightgowns were hard to find unless we bought vintage.. she was set in her ways and only wore certain cotton flannel ones not available today.. And of course, she had tons of slips with the original tags on them.

You have to admit, it makes an even nicer gift ~ not only are you giving the ultimate in recycling, the bonus is better quality fabric, superior construction and often designs, incredible laces and trims just not found in today's garments! A gift you can be proud to give, and hopefully the tags cut and the item enjoyed!

Here are just a few of the Vintage Items I have new with tags, more coming daily!

Vintage Full Slip Snip it Hem size 36 M L

Vintage Nightgown NWT Shimmery Satin Flannel lined

Frilly Ribbon White Satin Hand Embroidered Barbizon Nightgown

Vintage Robe Caftan Hostess Lounger in Lilac S M ~

Vintage Nightgown Demure Sheer Peach M L

Beautiful lingerie for wonderful Christmas gifts~

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ugly Sweaters Ugly Sweater Parties .. A Matter of Opinion"

One of my favorite things about the sitcom "two and a half men" is watching to see what sweater the character Rose the quirky neighbor will wear. Sometimes fabulously beaded, sometimes fun, and often outrageous. A matter of personal opinion, as I love them all, but others would beg to differ. Are they really ugly sweaters?

This "difference of opinion" came up last February when my daughter visited from out of state, asked if she could "borrow" a few sweaters from my vintage sweater inventory. She chose a mans sweater in gray mohair. fuzzy vintage 60s with sea gulls woven into the knit. For herself, a most beautiful pink crochet sweater, with orange, pink and yellow flowers.

Smiling, I said she had chosen two of my favorites, and was pleased she was taking them. Her reply? "We're going to an Ugly Sweater Party, and these are perfect."

I was just crushed. Worse, when she called excited a week later to report she and her husband each won first place! Their "ugly" sweaters were a hit.

Yes. Ugly Sweater Parties, Ugly Sweater Pub Crawls and Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are the trend. They really are fun, as is the search to find what each person terms "ugly."

The most popular are the embellished sweaters of the 1980s and '90s. The more appliques or wild the better.

Big padded shoulders? perfect! Rule of thumb is something your teacher wore when you were in elementary school, or your grandmother wears now.

Stripes are perfect if you are a little more conservative but still want to join in. Contradictory regions also are fun ~ live in FL where there is no snow? snowflakes. Up north where there's plenty of snow? a tropical design. You can always kick it up a notch by adding an ugly tie or wearing a printed turtle neck under your sweater.

If you are like me, you will find the sampling of sweaters shown here pretty, but each would be fun to reflect your personality at a Ugly Sweater Party.

Just try to spare your mothers feelings if you win first prize in her favorite sweater.
Here are just a few for the traditional ugly sweater parties, available at Vintage Outlet

all these as well as Ugly Christmas sweaters are available at my shop ~ Vintage Outlet

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unique Halloween Costumes the Vintage Way for Him or Her

I was always one of those "mean mommies" that never allowed my kids to wear store bought costumes. Part of the fun each year was not only deciding on a costume, but creating it ourselves. There were many years of Princess, Indian Maiden, Hippies, gangster, Sonny & Cher, Cleopatra, Poppin Fresh dough boy, a twister game, little red riding hood, a few poodle skirts. Dating us~. there was also Boy George, and Punky Brewster.

Proudly, now in their 20s, the kids still do homeade, incorporating vintage. They usually win the best costume prize, and they have vintage items they can wear and enjoy again after halloween.

Here's just a few idea. Sorry.. this is one of my favorite times of year, so its a bit long~ and it could have been even longer.. i restrained myself!

Classic vintage Western Pearlsnap Shirt for the Cowgirl

Hippie Skirt vintage Pink Lace Square dance Tiered skirt ~So boho!

Joan from Mad Men Dress

An Oriental Beauty

Add Go-Go Boots and be a Mod Dolly Rocker

Authentic Cowgirl! Midi Skirt, Jacket and pants

For Him~ a Rockabilly Shirt

A Disco King or Hawaiian in a pin up photo print hawaiian shirt

A Sissy Girl

a Sissy Girl in Flocked Dotted Swiss and eyelet

All are available at
Vintage Outlet

as well as Rockabilly shoes, hats and other fun accessories to make your costume the best!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mrs. June Cleaver ..Rest in Peace Barbara Billingsley

My mother never wore heels or pearls like June Cleaver, and I can't imagine her chasing five kids around the house, walking us to school or running us to Scouts and our other activities in them, but we loved watching Mrs. Cleaver just the same in "leave it to Beaver" each week.

As well as admiring her "mother skills" on the show, she was truly a fashion icon for me with grace and elegance. I loved her dresses then, and admire them even more now on reruns of the show. Dresses that are still in style today, and coveted among vintage fashion lovers.

Barbara Billingsley wasn't a glamour queen with fashions like "movie stars" and she wasn't much different from other TV moms of the 50's shows like Donna Reed, Ozzie & Harriet, and Father Knows Best, but she certainly held her own.

She represented classic day wear styles. Her character favored classic shirt waist dresses with full skirts, rarely a wiggle dress, and always wore her pearls and heels. In almost every episode she donned an apron, and even looked pretty in them.

Ms. Billingsley admitted that she had a "hollow" in her neck that photographed badly, and felt the pearls concealed it. She wore them in real life and suggested them for her role on the show. The heels were to keep her taller than her rapidly growing sons on the show.

Barbara started out as a model, then moved into acting. She was married three times, and ironically had two sons, like her role as Mrs. Clever and admits she was very much like June in life. Years later, we got to see the fun side of Barbara.. The comedienne in her.. Talking Jive in the movie Airplane.

There have been re-makes and movies of Leave it to Beaver, but no one could fill Barbara's heels in the role of June. We'll miss you Ms. Billingsley.

On a lighter note..lets play Six Degrees of Separation. In 1989 a radio station I worked for had a "beaver ball" game.. Listeners could win a chance to play ball on Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmund) or Beaver's (Jerry Mathers) team. I was with the Eddie Haskell crew, but enjoyed meeting Beav just as much. Yes, I did ask what Barbara was like in real life, and they both had nothing but respect and admiration for her.

And since both guys were Barbara Billingsley's son's on the show.. how many degrees of separation?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall..Time for a Snuggly Vintage Robe or Lounger or Quilted Mad Men Robe

Cool fall mornings and nights.. beautiful days, glorious colors as the leaves change. Is fall everyone's favorite time of year?

its also time for snuggly's! yes.. wonderful robes for lounging in after work, for sliping into at night to cuddle up with a hot chocolate and watch tv or read. Personally? i love them. just love a zip front robe especially and live in them all winter.

if someone pops in and surprises you, you look cute. You are warm and comfortable.

Vintage robes are available in long, short, zip, wrap, you name it! From velour to flannel, every fabric imaginable and not like anything available today. The older velours are heavenly. The cotton flannel wonderful (do they even still make cotton flannel?)

you can find simple with no frills, to beautiful satin accents on velour. Whatever your taste or style, its available in vintage! And, isn't it amazing the vintage robes are still around and fabulous? You rarely get more than a year out of today's robes.. go vintage!

This is just a small selection of robes available in my ecrater shop,
Vintage Outlet
with more added as fast as i can get to them. As a personal favorite item, i actively seek them out to offer to you!

Don't see what you like? we have lots more! just send us an email, we'll be happy to list something for your consideration with never an obligation.

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