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Monday, December 20, 2010

Romantic Vintage Chiffon Lingerie Gifts She Will Adore

Vintage Aqua Full Sweep Chiffon Nightgown Peignoir Set

One of the most romantic fabrics is chiffon. It is soft, luxurious and feminine, especially the vintage all nylon chiffon. There is nothing like it today. Chiffon is not just "sexy" but can be modest and feminine as well and comes in any color of the rainbow.

There is chiffon for every taste or style, from a sweet little demure gown with a chiffon overlay, or a dramatic sweeping sheer nightgown with a matching sheer chiffon robe, to a flirty little nylon nightgown with just a hint of wispy chiffon in the form a little bedjacket. She'll love it and you for giving it to her!! These and more chiffon gowns available at


Chocolate and Peaches Vintage Babydoll Nightgown and Peignoir

Demure and feminine Lilac Vintage Nightgown

Teal Vintage BabydollNightgown Chiffon Peignoir

All these and more Chiffon available at:


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