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Friday, December 24, 2010

My Bathroom is Downright Cute

A friend sent me a link to a web site this morning. I'm still laughing, so I just have to share.

First, I have to defend my bathrooms.

My master bath is in pink. Hey, I'm a single lady, so I can get away with it, right? Standard decorating. You know, baskets with towels, a huge brandy snifter of cute little soaps stolen from hotels.

The "powder room" downstairs is totally blah. Painted a really pretty taupe when I was on my "lets try neutral colors for a change" mood last January. Again, nondescript. Faux marble floor. Vintage glassware used as a planter on a little shelf, more vintage glass ware as accents and a framed vintage postcard Grandma's boyfriend sent to her in 1914 before she married Grandpa.

The main bath is what i "thought" was cute till just now. A clear shower curtain that kind of looks vintage with sea shells randomly scattered all over it. A tall raku vase with a fish on it that was a gift from my neighbors on our lake in MI when we moved. A vast sand collection from every beach we ever went to from Hawaii to the FL Keys in tiny little jars in a hanging curio cabinet. Tacky seashell souvenirs from traveling friends as we try to out do each other with tackiness. Of course there's a seashell mobile. hanging high in the corner. Yep. totally tacky now that I'm reading this. Maybe it needs a pink flamingo or two.

But i think its "downright cute"

And what made me laugh? Why my pink flamingo ugly sweater shown on this blog, and their comment. Nah. they really wouldn't want to see my bathrooms.

These Berkley girls are so cute! (i had to say that, it goes with "downright cute) and are quite witty. I would have been friends with them in school. Can't wait till they discover my ugly golf sweater ~ as long as they don't trash my kitchen next. It really is downright cute!

ON HOLD Ugly Sweater Vintage hand knit Pink Flamingo Tunic vibrant color

Someone’s comment from this website was, “This would certainly win any “ugly sweater” contest, but since i love pink flamingos’ .. i think its downright cute!”

I love sweaters but … Downright cute? Really? This makes me really want/ really not want to see how this lady’s bathroom is decorated.

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