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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweaters or Are The Pretty

Against personal judgement.. I guess these are classified as "Ugly Christmas Sweaters." But, if you've followed my blog, you know i personally love them and think them pretty. I'm the one with the cute little Christmas pins too~ ok. I'm weird. Its fun to get into the spirit of the season, lol.

But ~ Trends rule. No era had better "ugly sweaters" than the 80s. Again, vintage re-surfaces in latest trends, even if not necessarily favorably in this form. So if you are going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, here are just a few selections that hopefully win you first prize.

If you are like me, and actually think these are pretty.. wear one to work, to the club, out for lunch or make your students smile as you show Holiday spirit wearing a Christmas sweater.

Red Fluffy Ugly Christmas Sweater Satin Poinsettia, sequins, faux pearls

Silver Sparkle Snowflakes Aqua Ugly Christmas Sweater M L

Vintage Angora Ugly Christmas Sweater Snowmen Small

Wreaths, Beads, Sequin Ugly Christmas Sweater XL

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