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Monday, November 22, 2010

Vintage Pretties New With Tags Lingerie Perfect for Gift Giving

It always amazes me to find vintage items, new never worn. The manufacturer tags still attached, hanging from a sleeve just as it was when it was purchased 40+ years ago. How can someone possess such beautiful items and never enjoy or wear them?

Possibly, the recipient received more items as gifts than they could wear in a lifetime! My grandmother always wore dresses. Always. pants were just not an option. For gift occasions, we always gave her slips or flannel nightgowns. The nightgowns were hard to find unless we bought vintage.. she was set in her ways and only wore certain cotton flannel ones not available today.. And of course, she had tons of slips with the original tags on them.

You have to admit, it makes an even nicer gift ~ not only are you giving the ultimate in recycling, the bonus is better quality fabric, superior construction and often designs, incredible laces and trims just not found in today's garments! A gift you can be proud to give, and hopefully the tags cut and the item enjoyed!

Here are just a few of the Vintage Items I have new with tags, more coming daily!

Vintage Full Slip Snip it Hem size 36 M L

Vintage Nightgown NWT Shimmery Satin Flannel lined

Frilly Ribbon White Satin Hand Embroidered Barbizon Nightgown

Vintage Robe Caftan Hostess Lounger in Lilac S M ~

Vintage Nightgown Demure Sheer Peach M L

Beautiful lingerie for wonderful Christmas gifts~

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  1. Those are some great pieces!
    Love your blog, btw.
    Please stop by my blog if you have a moment:)