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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 236th Birthday America!

I found some vintage images and thought they would be fun to share for our 4th of July. Aren't they great? Love the fashions, especially the sailor girl. And i'm sure some would have been totally scandalous in their day ~ Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! xo

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We all have them. A drawer with scarves we never wear. Some have holes or runs or the hem has come out. Some those little square ones that can only be tied and worn one way. Shoe shopping last weekend and totally loving all shoes with bows available this season, of course the "vintage" in me immediately surfaced ~ why not use those vintage scarves we never wear on our shoes for a fun, unique look and enjoy them!

This was the easiest idea to duplicate ~ match any scarf to your outfit, thread it through any ankle strap shoe and remove the existing shoe lace: A fun print to pop your outfit ~

or the vintage solid sheer chiffon scarves to monochromatically match your shoes ~

Use a long scarf to make plain pumps into cute ankle strap shoes by wrapping the long scarf around the instep then tying into a bow at the ankles ~ a whole new look for old shoes!

Cut a damaged scarf in half and make bows, using shoe clips, velcro or even a tiny dab of hot glue to
 attach ~

Or do sassy scarf bows to the back of your pumps, attaching them with vintage clip earrings ~

Not a pump or high heel person? Cut a damaged long scarf in half then roll it tightly to use as shoestrings for your favorite boots or tennis shoes ~


Just think outside the box, and have your own unique style, the perfect shoes and the best part ~ enjoying those vintage scarves! And no, I have none available in my shop,i'mm experimenting with them on my shoes :)

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Texas Roses and Vintage Rose Lingerie

One of the benefits of Texas is the long gardening season and the perfect climate for roses. Don't get me wrong, they grew fabulous in Michigan as well, but down here they are just glorious from March until January. This year, exceptional. The size of dinner plates and the bushes sagging from the weight of so many blooms.

I love roses and all flowers, from my back yard, or a gracious birthday bouquet from a friend.

If you too love roses, but they aren't blooming yet where you live, here are just a few pretty nightgowns and even a short duster robe in glorious floral prints for you to enjoy indoors!

Pink roses on a vintage Shadowline long nightgown size L:

Pink and blue roses vintage Miss Elaine Knee Length Robe S

Watercolor pastel pink cabbage roses Miss Elaine Nightgown L XL

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Fun with Marshmallow Peeps Decorating to Dioramas

Wanting to do something different from last years Peeps blog which featured brilliant peep dioramas, I decided to search for fun things created of my coveted marshmallow peeps; Pages of creativity emerged from both google and pintrest searches.

Beautiful Easter floral centerpieces:

Fun Wreaths:

Then sidetracked by a peep cupcakes:

And chocolate dipped peeps:

And great campfire ideas with leftover peeps:

Roasted Peeps ~

Pretty Smores ~

Unable to resist "peeping" at the dioramas, how cute are these of some favorite TV shows ~

The Peeps of the Voice ~

Pee Wee's Peep House ~

A little bit of rock:

Beatles Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Peeps~

The Monkees ~

Since the Just Born (r) company makes Peeps being available now for every holiday from Halloween, Valentine's Day to Christmas they lost just a bit of their allure of only being available at Easter which made them super special. Understanding the need for a company to diversify, its a good thing if it keeps the US company thriving. But.. a gift from my sister Laura who knows I adore any shape, form or color of peeps has me a wee bit disappointed! Peepsters ~ Chocolate covered peep drops with a tiny bit of marshmallow in them? Not a hit,almost like a mini Cadbury egg...and of course since they are chocolate and marshmallow ~ two favored things, if you take Laura's advice and let them melt in your mouth letting the flavor blend, instead of biting them, they do taste better. Sadly the only peep reference is a teeny tiny little chicken peep on top of each drop. You decide.. too much variance from the original product or a yummy idea?


Addicted to Peeps

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who's Idea Was It to Put Zippers in Leather Jackets Anyway?

Recently at a very "conservative" estate sale, I found a surprise tucked in the back of the closet ~ a very old, vintage leather motorcycle jacket. No Harley's in the garage, no helmets on the shelf, of course its not unusual to find the unexpected at estates, but here was just a single leather jacket with zippers among Brooks Brothers suits and starched white shirts.

Laying on the seat for the drive home, as I looked at it I wondered who on earth thought of adding zippers to a leather jacket? Its a great look, style and of course, tons of secure pockets!

Research was fun. It lead me all over the place and to a most interesting history of zippered leather jackets.

A Russian immigrant's two sons, Irving and Jack Schott began making raincoats in 1913, selling them on the street door to door in Manhattan and they were a huge hit.

Inspired by his two favorite things, the Perfecto Cigar and motorcycles, Irving changed forever attire to wear riding motorcycles, and named his first leather jacket with zippers the Perfecto in 1928, selling them to a Harley Davidson dealership.

In 1954, the Perfecto jacket was made famous by Marlon Brando in the movie "The Wild One".. but were banned in high schools for their association with "hoodlums." Actor James Dean was always seen wearing his Perfecto.

As all fashions go, the Perfecto was once again resurrected in popularity in the 70s and 80s by punk rockers.

Blondie (Deborah Harry), Joan Jett were women leading the pack in leather~

as well as groups like the Ramones.

Still an American Classic style, still produced by the third and fourth generation of the Schott family, in the same factory and with many of the same vintage sewing machines, the Schott Perfecto is proudly made in the USA.

And my incredible vintage Schott find? it never made it home. My brother grabbed it immediately, and I'm really pleased it will be treasured for another 50 years and will stay in our family.

Find us all over the place ~

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pretty Olga Nightgowns in Pretty Colors A Style for Every Taste

Surprise that special someone in your life by getting out of those flannel pajama pants and into something a bit more glamorous and feminine! Try an Olga Nightgown. They are glamorous, super comfortable, romantic and comfortable! Olga definitely knew a woman's body as she designed styles for her company. From the "Sleeping Pretty" line with built in bras, to the "Cuddle Top" which features a brushed nylon ultra soft flannel, there's a style for everyone from dramatic to demure.

The construction is superior, the fabric fabulous; which is why 30 years later most Olga gowns still look like new despite years of enjoying them. If you own and Olga you already know how wonderful they are, if you haven't, try one to see what all the Olga fuss is about. Almost as comfortable as flannel pants, and WAY more glamorous!

Choose your own favorite from these we have available this week at

VintagePretties on RubyLane

And to read a little about the history of Olga, enjoy our blog~

There Really Is An Olga

Vintage Olga Nightgown Teal Bodysilk Butterfly Lace Inset S M Full Sweep
Vintage Olga Nightgown Teal Bodysilk Lacy Full Sweep Butterfly Lace

Powder Blue Secret Hug Olga Nightgown Nylon Flannel Top Long Sleeve S M L
Vintage Nightgown Olga Blue Cozy top Secret Hug full sweep Long Sleeve M L

Vintage Olga Sleeping Pretty Nightgown Peignoir Set Sheer Chiffon XS
Vintage Nightgown Peignoir Set OLGA sheer blue chiffon XS bra top sleeping pretty Lacy

Vintage Olga Nightgown Marine Blue Sleeping Pretty bra top XS S
Vintage Nightgown Olga Deep Teal Lacy Sleeping Pretty Bra XS S

Candleglow Vintage Olga Nightgown Brushed Nylon Top Silky Skirt S M
Vintage Nightgown Olga Long M L Flannel Top Silky Nylon Skirt Long sleeve pink ivory

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Kate Middleton - A Duchess Thrifts Fabulous

It's always exciting to see a celebrity in vintage, and fortunately there are many. From Michelle Oboma to Julia Roberts the rich and famous are "discovering" the beautiful style and fabulous quality construction of vintage. Of course as a seller, it "validates" us in a way, making vintage, as well as second hand good quality non vintage even more popular.

It's also fun to see someone famous make it their own. Recently the Duchess of Cambridge wore simply a teal jacket over a little Davina dress. Adding just a simple little accessory ~ a belt, she gave the jacket a peplum look, so hot this year!

And, rumor has it Kate Middleton is also shopping thrift stores! Well, kind of ~ she has a "secret shopper" doing it for her according to the
Huffington Post
she thrifted this Jesire dress, a company no longer in business.

You have to admit the dress is darling (love the collar!!) and that it IS great that even Kate Middleton is green, with the ultimate recycling ~ second hand clothing. In our economy, what a wonderful example she sets for the world!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Vintage Pretties Ruby Lane Anniversary!

In 2005, dissatisfied with the many changes to ebay, I made a difficult but serious business decision to leave. It was very hard, mainly due to many regular customers, and ebay definitely has traffic.

After much research, I decided on RubyLane as the venue I wanted to try. Always loving the site for shopping, their vintage clothing lane was relatively new, and looked promising. So I took the leap, and never regretted it. Who would dream I would still be there, and just as happy as I was with my original decision all these years later? It's a beautiful site, with high quality sellers but most of all, our customers are the BEST!

In celebration of our anniversary, from now till the end of the month of February, we are offering our customers 10% off any purchase. Just enter "anniversary" on your purchase order, and I'll be happy to discount your order before you check out. (shipping excluded)

And I promise ~ lots of new vintage lingerie and collectable items to choose from are coming soon!

To all my wonderful past customers there, I appreciate you all, and sincerely thank you for your support, enabling me to continue to stay on RubyLane.

Thanks and hugs to all ~ yvonne

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Silky Sheer Vintage Nightgowns in Seductive Black

Vintage Intime Nightgown Black Chiffon Mega Sweep Free Bust

A complete classic and always a favorite, black lingerie. Silky and fluid vintage nylon pieces, sheer, semi sheer and with touches of sheer chiffon or lace, just gorgeous! We have a huge variety, from seductive to demure, long to short. Pick your favorite and wear vintage black!

Nightgown Tunic top L babydoll shorty nightgown shirt sexy

Bewitching Black Double Chiffon Vintage Hanky Hem Nightgown S M

Vintage Barbizon Babydoll nightgown XL

Vintage black nightgown wide lace inset XS

Vintage Nightgown Velrose Full Sweep Sexy Lace Inset Bias hem Med Lg

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