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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pretty Olga Nightgowns in Pretty Colors A Style for Every Taste

Surprise that special someone in your life by getting out of those flannel pajama pants and into something a bit more glamorous and feminine! Try an Olga Nightgown. They are glamorous, super comfortable, romantic and comfortable! Olga definitely knew a woman's body as she designed styles for her company. From the "Sleeping Pretty" line with built in bras, to the "Cuddle Top" which features a brushed nylon ultra soft flannel, there's a style for everyone from dramatic to demure.

The construction is superior, the fabric fabulous; which is why 30 years later most Olga gowns still look like new despite years of enjoying them. If you own and Olga you already know how wonderful they are, if you haven't, try one to see what all the Olga fuss is about. Almost as comfortable as flannel pants, and WAY more glamorous!

Choose your own favorite from these we have available this week at

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And to read a little about the history of Olga, enjoy our blog~

There Really Is An Olga

Vintage Olga Nightgown Teal Bodysilk Butterfly Lace Inset S M Full Sweep
Vintage Olga Nightgown Teal Bodysilk Lacy Full Sweep Butterfly Lace

Powder Blue Secret Hug Olga Nightgown Nylon Flannel Top Long Sleeve S M L
Vintage Nightgown Olga Blue Cozy top Secret Hug full sweep Long Sleeve M L

Vintage Olga Sleeping Pretty Nightgown Peignoir Set Sheer Chiffon XS
Vintage Nightgown Peignoir Set OLGA sheer blue chiffon XS bra top sleeping pretty Lacy

Vintage Olga Nightgown Marine Blue Sleeping Pretty bra top XS S
Vintage Nightgown Olga Deep Teal Lacy Sleeping Pretty Bra XS S

Candleglow Vintage Olga Nightgown Brushed Nylon Top Silky Skirt S M
Vintage Nightgown Olga Long M L Flannel Top Silky Nylon Skirt Long sleeve pink ivory

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