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Friday, March 9, 2012

Kate Middleton - A Duchess Thrifts Fabulous

It's always exciting to see a celebrity in vintage, and fortunately there are many. From Michelle Oboma to Julia Roberts the rich and famous are "discovering" the beautiful style and fabulous quality construction of vintage. Of course as a seller, it "validates" us in a way, making vintage, as well as second hand good quality non vintage even more popular.

It's also fun to see someone famous make it their own. Recently the Duchess of Cambridge wore simply a teal jacket over a little Davina dress. Adding just a simple little accessory ~ a belt, she gave the jacket a peplum look, so hot this year!

And, rumor has it Kate Middleton is also shopping thrift stores! Well, kind of ~ she has a "secret shopper" doing it for her according to the
Huffington Post
she thrifted this Jesire dress, a company no longer in business.

You have to admit the dress is darling (love the collar!!) and that it IS great that even Kate Middleton is green, with the ultimate recycling ~ second hand clothing. In our economy, what a wonderful example she sets for the world!

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