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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iva Went to Holland and Fell In Love With Windmills

I've realized most of my friends are honest and speak their mind. I think its one of the things I respect and like most about a person, therefore chose my friends accordingly.

Iva was one of those people. She didn't spare feelings, just laid it on the line and said it as she saw it with no apologizes. Most times she was right, and being so outspoken had few other friends.

She was actually one of my neighbors. Our yards backed up to each other. We didn't hit it off immediately as even I found her a bit abrasive at times. Over the years I respected her opinion and learned inside she had a heart of gold.

Iva never forgot any of my children's birthdays. A cake decorator, she would make the most beautiful and elaborate cakes for them. Christmas meant a huge box of homemade favorite cookies. Every Easter the bunny would leave enormous huge baskets on our front porch. One year Melissa weighed hers and it was over 15 lbs of candles, soaps, candy, books, you name it ~ everything in her favorite color purple, in a purple Easter basket wrapped in purple cellophane. They were from Iva, she loved spoiling my kids.

She wasn't just a good person because she gave my children gifts. It was everything. Being there when you need her, a shoulder, logic, common sense advice as well as always game for a road trip, and shopping buddy locally and even to Mexico frequently.

You would think someone who doesn't hold things inside wouldn't get ulcers, but Iva did. And sadly, she passed away last fall. I miss her all the time. When a rose blooms and I want her to see it, when one of my children does something and I want to share, she's no longer there.

Her husband Wes is just as kind. Now a completely lost soul. He's spent the last year with a dumpster. His way of dealing with the grief. Completely cleaning out the house and filling that dumpster for Tuesday pickup. Downsizing, getting ready to sell and move to a place with less maintenance.

Wes has been bringing things over to me. Small little items he doesn't want to throw away, doesn't want to keep but to find new homes for. He tells me the stories that go with the items, and I listen. I don't tell him most of the stories Iva already has told me during our friendship. Wes needs to talk.

Wes likes to reminisce about their two years spent living in the Philippines in the 1960s when he was an Army medic, and their travels during R&R and other places they were stationed in Europe. He tells the stories just a wee bit different from Iva, but then he didn't have to cook or clean often without water or electricity.. so its fun to hear his perspective.

He brought me some items from Holland, and told me of their one visit there, and how much Iva loved the country, the people but most of all, the Windmills. Wes even built a small one for her in their backyard. He asked me to sell them for him, to find a good home for them with someone who would love the details in each piece of the kitchenware. Wes knows we have no control over who buys our items, but he does know I have absolutely wonderful customers, most who become friends or pen pals and will treasure them as Iva did.

So they are all listed. Beautiful iced tea spoons from Holland with windmills, cake forks and tea spoons with different Dutch designs and even a little napkin holder with a windmill. Pretty set for display or to use and enjoy.

And I'm sure part of the reason Wes brought them over was just to have someone to talk to for a bit. He should know by now he doesn't need an excuse. I miss Iva too.

Vintage Holland Windmill Napkin Holder

Holland Dutch Iced Tea Spoons set 6 Vintage 60s Mint in Box

Sterling Silver Collector Tea Spoons Dutch Holland Figures Set 6 MIB

NIB Holland Figural Cake Forks

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Hand Painted China A History of Family Tradition

One of my all time treasured wedding gifts in the 70s was the most incredible set of hand painted china. Dishes, serving pieces and even a matching tea pot ~ everything hand painted by my husband's great grandmother. I learned it was a talent shared by three generations of women in his family.

We all have admired a dish or a hand painted item, and most likely never realized all the time and work involved in that one little piece of art. From the tiniest miniature oval pendant to a large serving platter; hand painted and signed and usually dated by the artist, often very vintage. Porcelain doll faces are even a form of this beautiful art.

Fascinated, I decided to research porcelain painting. It seems it is truly a lost art, and entirely different from ceramics. It has a most fascinating history, it seems each country claims to have its own history for originating it.

No one knows for sure who first started hand decorating vessels, there are reports of Egyptians painting as early as 7000 BC using minerals as color, China experimented with crushed rock and decorated bowls in the 1500s, their methods kept secret. The French favored little miniatures in later years, decorating tiny delicate plain items.

The most famous seems to be from Germany, where the most delicate and beautiful porcelains in the world were made of local clay unlike any other in Dresden and Meissen. Artists flocked to that area to decorate the amazing local porcelain in the 1700s.

By the late 19th and early 20th century, porcelain painting was a popular hobby for women.

Great-Great Grandma Letty's Covered Bowl painted with berries:

A china painter works on beautiful porcelain, already glazed white from the manufacturer, most pieces so fine and delicate you can see your hand through it when held to the light. Entirely different paints are used instead of glazes, then fired at a low heat in a kiln.

Plate by Great-Grandma Fern of Roses on Openwork

Even more painstaking is the amount of painting and firing. Each piece of porcelain is hand painted and low fired at least three times to acquire depth and dimension, often more if gold or black "outlining" is used.

Pedestal Serving dish of Holly by Grandma Joann

Fortunately for me, one of only three (to my knowledge) sources for china painting supplies was in Hazel Park, MI. My aunt took very little persuasion and went with me for years to classes. Aunt Janie eventually went on to teach classes herself and is often found at highly selective jurried art shows her work is that beautiful.

Decorative Deer plate by Aunt Janie

Me? Well, after one attempt at trying to paint the same identical matching pattern on 12 plates, 12 cups, 12 saucers ~ I thought I would scream of boredom. I'm afraid I'm just not cut out for "repetition" but instead prefer unique single design pieces for decoration, or my favorite ~ hand painted tiles and ceramic tile murals.

A Hand Painted bell with raised paint I painted:

Almost any line of fine china is available to work on as your pallet, from Hutschenreuther to pretty little Japanese coupe plates from scrolled edges to trendy square; as well as vases, little decorative pieces for display, jewelry, lamps and even light switch plates to paint..

If you are not inclined to paint any porcelain yourself, you can enjoy the beauty of other artists, from tea cups or tea pots to vases. The next time you do look at a piece, just remember the hours of work, the time firing and repainting involved and when you see that tiny little signature and often date at the bottom know it was a true labor of love by that artist!

The ironic part of all this ~ as I was inspired to do this blog while dusting it I noticed the dates ~ most of my pieces were done in the 80s are vintage already!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wrap or Zip Vintage Robes for Afternoon Delight

I confess. I live in robes. When I had my own business and had to wear "big girl clothes" I couldn't wait to get home, out of the suit and heels and slip into a caftan or a zip up robe. Later, working retail at a home improvement store it was worse ~ rushing home to get out of my jeans into a shower and then into a robe, after all it was way too early in the day to wear pajamas, so this was a perfect solution, loungewear, yet still presentable should anyone pop in. At night, my favorite item is a velour snuggly robe to cuddle up in with my hot cup of tea and a book.

If you love slipping into something comfortable when you get home from work, still look darling and not like your ready for bed already, we have a few suggestions for you, long or short, lightweight or heavy and warm ~ all

available at
Vintage Outlet

Barbizon Vintage Robe Short Knee length Wrap Fab Color Floral Satin

Miss Elaine vintage long Plush Lilac Robe S Beautiful Embroidery

Unique Stripe vintage Vanity Fair plush lounge Robe,Purple, lilac M S

Sky Blue Vintage Robe Zip Front Vanity Fair long Robe lounger XS S

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Farewell to Austin

Once upon a time there was a man who absolutely worshiped and adored his beautiful wife. Loved her truly, madly, deeply. And she him.

The man was an executive for a major oil company based out of Austin, TX but his job required him to travel extensively. He didn't mind, as he was almost always home on weekends to be with his wife and lovely daughters. When possible, his wife joined him but usually just preferred being home with their girls and their normal schedule.

After 20 years of marriage, the woman suddenly became sick. Bedridden, her teen age daughters cared for her before and after school, neighbors popping in during the day checking on her, and of course her husband trying to restrict his travels.

But, as he did travel, each trip he bought her something fabulous. Always lingerie since she was bedridden. Usually frilly and feminine, but demure at the same time and never the same style. Nothing was too good for his wife. If he was in a small town, he loved little local boutiques. Major cities he often went to upscale stores and purchased from Lord and Taylor, Saks, and Neiman's. He never came home without a special gift for his wife. She was the love of his life, and he wanted her to feel beautiful even restricted to the bed.

Sadly, she passed away in the late 80s. He died most likely from a broken heart just a few years later. Their daughters packed up the house and stored almost everything, unable to part with most of it.

Last year they decided the time was "right" and they knew they had to deal with their parents items, including their mother's lingerie.

If possible and I can corner a family member at an estate sale I try to get provenance for my customers. This time I not only got provenance but a glass of sweet tea when the daughters discovered I had driven from Ft. Worth just for the lingerie and they also shared this amazing love story with me. We also shared tears of course at the great, once in a lifetime devoted love their parents found in each other. The daughters still kept many of her beautiful lingerie, but I bought every item they offered.

Gradually over the last year I have "reluctantly" sold them.. enjoying each item, sadly many still new with tags that she never got to enjoy. Most went to the same wonderful customer, a lady in California that was as touched by the provenance as I was.

Last week my personal favorite sold. I held on to this set as long as I could. Just appreciating the lace. A white vintage set with iridescent ruffles of lace that was absolutely incredible. Ironically, it sold on line, but to a wonderful lady that lived right in my own home town. We met in person and she was thrilled with the set, admitting it was even more beautiful in person. I know the daughters would be pleased it went to such a good home.

And now I'm a wee bit sad. Of all the estates I've been to this one touched me most. I'm down to the very last set. I have truly enjoyed offering her items, and was so grateful her daughters shared the story with me. I am pleased they all went to wonderful homes, and am sure the last set will too.

Natori Peignoir Satin Peignoir Set

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dramatic Vintage Nightgowns in Satin and Chiffon with Full Sweeps

If you admired the old movies with the dramatic lingerie, actresses making a grand entrance into a room with flowing nightgowns, you would love a full sweep nightgown. Sadly, no longer made but there are plenty available in vintage! A double chiffon vintage nightgown with a huge sweep ~ one that you can't tell is completely sheer until you stand in the light, or a 1940s inspired satin nightgown with a bias inset and a smaller sweep are the ultimate in glamorous!

and you can feel like a movie star wearing one, at

we have huge 200" sweep nightgowns or even just full A lines that are still impressive. From satins to chiffon ~ there's something for every taste or preference.

Vintage Nightgown Victoria's Secret White Satin Full Sweep Lacy S

Amazing Double Chiffon Lily of France Nightgown with Gold Embroidery

Vintage Undercover Wear Full Sweep Lace Inset TALL s

Vintage Intime Double Chiffon Huge Sweep Black Nightgown


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Roots & Wings & Vintage Things & Insane Vintage Sale

# 9 Vintage Gab Pearlsnap Embroidered Western Shirt S M Cowgirl

"There are but two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other, wings. Roots signify a child's foundation, a definition of who he is and where he comes from. Wings, on the other hand, are his means of leaving the security of the familiar in order to discover new horizons."

I've instilled this in my children. Now that they are independent, its almost sad. They don't need "momma" anymore. Mission accomplished, and I can be proud of that part ~ but I miss them asking advice.

That said, its time for Mom to apply her own principle ~ to go back to her roots. and her passion. My passion has always been vintage lingerie. Selling it exclusively from 1998 to about 2005. But when shopping at estate sales, its difficult to pass up the beautiful jewelry, wonderful clothing ~ so I diversified through the years. Adding vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. And yes, even pottery, stamps, silver plate. You name it. Leaving my roots..

For months now I have said I was going to have a sale and just blow out anything that wasn't nylon. I closed two antique mall booths and dragged it home. You can't walk through my garage from the mall inventory. My stock room of clothing is overwhelming. I don't want to pass away and make my kids "earn" their inheritance by having to deal with all this. :)

The time and sadly, circumstances have arrived. I'm having a "roots and wings" sale exclusively for my blog and facebook followers. I'm keeping my roots of vintage lingerie, and giving wings to everything else.

So. I have a "secret code" in all my
Vintage Outlet

listings. In the title you will see a # sign and a number, ie: # 3 then the item description. I used the # instead of a $ sign for my "secret sale".. so yes. when you see # 1 in the title, that means a fabulous skirt is ONLY a DOLLAR!!!!!!!!

Yes ~ this

# 1 Darling classic Teal LINEN Liz Claiborne Ladies Pencil Skirt size 8
is only a DOLLAR!

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I'm doing quick pictures and hasty descriptions and adding new items as fast as I can with special prices for you. Add to your wardrobe, stock up your own inventory at ridiculous, WAY below cost prices.

Yep ~ a
# 3 Exquisite Halston Silky vintage 80s Blouse 4 XS S salmon designer
for the ridiculous price of $3

Collect something special? I have everything from pottery, bells to steins and cartoon memorabilia. let me know and I'll list it for your consideration ~ no obligation of course!

This won't last. I may come to my senses any day now. I'm going to try to hold the sale until Nov 1. But take advantage of my crazy lady weak moment.

The secret code = #8 means
# 8 Tier Ruffle 60s Cord Peasant Jumper Dress Corset XS S

its on sale for $8

Just let me know what you want, and I'll be happy to send you a reduced invoice. I'll even add a 10% discount if you use Google Checkout instead of paypal. if you want more than one item, I'll combine them on one invoice, with one shipping for you.

Be sure to check back daily for more new listings, and let me know immediately if you want something,
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Caroline Kennedy My Hero AND in Vintage

Caroline Kennedy was on Letterman last night, promoting her new book "Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life With John F. Kennedy." As always, she was elegant, charming and gracious with a hint of teasing, the fun sense of humor of her personality revealed.

Like most Americans, I have a fascination with the entire John F. Kennedy family. I admired President Kennedy, adored and was in awe of Jackie during my teen years, and of course was in love with "John-John" as he grew up to be the most handsome man.

Now, as the last of the Kennedy family, I admire Caroline. She continues the family legacy of giving to her country. As an attorney, writer, and editor, she serves on the boards of many non-profit organizations, even working for the New York Department of Education for a salary of $1. She is very much like her mother.

Recently searching for "grief of loss of a child" I came across this site -

The Womens Conference 2009
. A symposium on grief, hosted by Maria Shriver, that also included Caroline Kennedy and Lisa Niemi, as well as Elizabeth Edwards and Susan St. James who spoke of loosing a child.

In my own despair, I immediately respected Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg even more. I cannot even imagine the pain of not only loosing her father, but her mother of a long horrible battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, but her only brother suddenly and tragically. Yet, she still holds her head up, and reaches out to help others.

Caroline has been married to Edwin Schlossberg since 1986, has three children is aging gracefully, and embracing it. She has no botox, no plastic surgery; again a wonderful example to other women to accept and love themselves as they are. She is absolutely beautiful.

As for the Jacket she wore on Letterman? Its the same one her mother wore in 1964 in this picture with Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Not just a beautiful jacket.. that actually belonged to Jackie who wore it in 1964, now treasured by her daughter. Another way of honoring her mother. A legacy continues. I'm sure Jackie would be very proud of her daughter.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pantone Fall 2011 Deep Teal Vintage Lingerie

For over 40 years,
has predicted color trends in everything from graphics to cars. For the last fourteen, they "diversified" to fashion, with trend setting colors for every season. Its always fun to get a sneak peek of the colors, see the new names for them and watch each color transition into society.

Its also fun to see what goes around comes around. Many popular colors from the 60s are hot again this year, like avocado green and harvest gold, re named and the hues changed a bit.

Always a blue / green person, my favorite is the Deep Teal.. a color that looks great on anyone, from blonde to brunette and there's a shade of teal perfect for everyone! Here are just a few vintage lingerie items available at

in different styles ~ and different shades of teal.

Stunning Teal with touch of Lace Accent Vintage Nightgown

Deep Teal Vintage Olga Sleeping Pretty Nightgown

Vintage Pajamas Silky Nylon Shadowline Petite S M teal Aqua 70s

Vintage Babydoll Nightgown Chiffon Peignoir Robe Ruffle hem Teal S M Flirty

All available at

Pantone Women's Fashion color Chart Fall 2011:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

1951 Future Hollywood Starlets in Amazing Dresses

My dear friend and fellow vintie Louise has a blog i really enjoy,
Catwalk Threads.
Louise frequently features vintage magazines in her blog with the loveliest pictures.

That said, and proper credit given where due I'm "borrowing" Louise's idea and want to share the most wonderful article in a 1951 Life Magazine.

Titled "Apprentice Goddesses .. Hollywood Hopes Some of these Dozen Damsels Will Be Big Stars."

The article is pages of "future" Hollywood movie stars. The dresses are so absolutely FABULOUS, I hope you will enjoy them as much as you will recognizing these women before they were stars ~

From Left to Right - Phyllis Kirk, 22; Debra Paget, 17; Debbie Reynolds, 18; Jean Hagen, 25; and Nancy Olsen, 22.
Aren't the gowns to die for???

Mala Powers, 20:

Jan Sterling, 20:

Arlene Dahl:

Barbara Bates, 24:

June Haver(do you LOVE this dress?)24:

Marilyn Monroe, 22:

Eleanor Parker, 28:

Did you recognize them? They are all so young and beautiful!

Vintage Pretties

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Find Trendy Pantone Fall Colors in Classic Vintage Clothing

Nougat Tiered Ruffle 60s Cord Peasant Jumper Dress XS S

For 14 years,
has set the color trends in fashion, even longer for cars and household item color trends working two years in advance.

This year the 2011 colors seem especialy exciting. Colors from the 60s return, tweaked a little and of course, given much more attractive names. If you remember the old "harvest gold" appliances your parents had in the 60s, it is now similar to "Bamboo" and a rich, beautiful hue. "Avacodo" is very similar to Cedar, and if you love greens, you will adore this shade.

Offering both Trendy Fashion colors for Men and Women, here is the women's chart~

Like colors, vintage clothing never seems to go out of style either. Most are classic and timeless styles and can be updated with a new belt, jewelry or accessories and are trendy again!

here are just a few of the vintage fashions we have at
Vintage Outlet
in current trendy colors to be totally in style.

Bamboo Vintage 60s Mad Men Suit Gabardine Asymmetric jacket 3 pc Suit

Orchid Blush Vintage Secretary blouse Slate Blue Pussy Bow S

Nougat vintage Pearlsnap embroidered Western Shirt

Find these and more at

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