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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Find Trendy Pantone Fall Colors in Classic Vintage Clothing

Nougat Tiered Ruffle 60s Cord Peasant Jumper Dress XS S

For 14 years,
has set the color trends in fashion, even longer for cars and household item color trends working two years in advance.

This year the 2011 colors seem especialy exciting. Colors from the 60s return, tweaked a little and of course, given much more attractive names. If you remember the old "harvest gold" appliances your parents had in the 60s, it is now similar to "Bamboo" and a rich, beautiful hue. "Avacodo" is very similar to Cedar, and if you love greens, you will adore this shade.

Offering both Trendy Fashion colors for Men and Women, here is the women's chart~

Like colors, vintage clothing never seems to go out of style either. Most are classic and timeless styles and can be updated with a new belt, jewelry or accessories and are trendy again!

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Bamboo Vintage 60s Mad Men Suit Gabardine Asymmetric jacket 3 pc Suit

Orchid Blush Vintage Secretary blouse Slate Blue Pussy Bow S

Nougat vintage Pearlsnap embroidered Western Shirt

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