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Saturday, September 17, 2011

1951 Future Hollywood Starlets in Amazing Dresses

My dear friend and fellow vintie Louise has a blog i really enjoy,
Catwalk Threads.
Louise frequently features vintage magazines in her blog with the loveliest pictures.

That said, and proper credit given where due I'm "borrowing" Louise's idea and want to share the most wonderful article in a 1951 Life Magazine.

Titled "Apprentice Goddesses .. Hollywood Hopes Some of these Dozen Damsels Will Be Big Stars."

The article is pages of "future" Hollywood movie stars. The dresses are so absolutely FABULOUS, I hope you will enjoy them as much as you will recognizing these women before they were stars ~

From Left to Right - Phyllis Kirk, 22; Debra Paget, 17; Debbie Reynolds, 18; Jean Hagen, 25; and Nancy Olsen, 22.
Aren't the gowns to die for???

Mala Powers, 20:

Jan Sterling, 20:

Arlene Dahl:

Barbara Bates, 24:

June Haver(do you LOVE this dress?)24:

Marilyn Monroe, 22:

Eleanor Parker, 28:

Did you recognize them? They are all so young and beautiful!

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  1. Love the photos!

  2. Thank you so much! i'm glad you enjoyed them, i was excited to share. :D

  3. The photos are really fabulous Von. It's so great to see them photographed at the beginning of their movie careers - and what careers they had!