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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iva Went to Holland and Fell In Love With Windmills

I've realized most of my friends are honest and speak their mind. I think its one of the things I respect and like most about a person, therefore chose my friends accordingly.

Iva was one of those people. She didn't spare feelings, just laid it on the line and said it as she saw it with no apologizes. Most times she was right, and being so outspoken had few other friends.

She was actually one of my neighbors. Our yards backed up to each other. We didn't hit it off immediately as even I found her a bit abrasive at times. Over the years I respected her opinion and learned inside she had a heart of gold.

Iva never forgot any of my children's birthdays. A cake decorator, she would make the most beautiful and elaborate cakes for them. Christmas meant a huge box of homemade favorite cookies. Every Easter the bunny would leave enormous huge baskets on our front porch. One year Melissa weighed hers and it was over 15 lbs of candles, soaps, candy, books, you name it ~ everything in her favorite color purple, in a purple Easter basket wrapped in purple cellophane. They were from Iva, she loved spoiling my kids.

She wasn't just a good person because she gave my children gifts. It was everything. Being there when you need her, a shoulder, logic, common sense advice as well as always game for a road trip, and shopping buddy locally and even to Mexico frequently.

You would think someone who doesn't hold things inside wouldn't get ulcers, but Iva did. And sadly, she passed away last fall. I miss her all the time. When a rose blooms and I want her to see it, when one of my children does something and I want to share, she's no longer there.

Her husband Wes is just as kind. Now a completely lost soul. He's spent the last year with a dumpster. His way of dealing with the grief. Completely cleaning out the house and filling that dumpster for Tuesday pickup. Downsizing, getting ready to sell and move to a place with less maintenance.

Wes has been bringing things over to me. Small little items he doesn't want to throw away, doesn't want to keep but to find new homes for. He tells me the stories that go with the items, and I listen. I don't tell him most of the stories Iva already has told me during our friendship. Wes needs to talk.

Wes likes to reminisce about their two years spent living in the Philippines in the 1960s when he was an Army medic, and their travels during R&R and other places they were stationed in Europe. He tells the stories just a wee bit different from Iva, but then he didn't have to cook or clean often without water or electricity.. so its fun to hear his perspective.

He brought me some items from Holland, and told me of their one visit there, and how much Iva loved the country, the people but most of all, the Windmills. Wes even built a small one for her in their backyard. He asked me to sell them for him, to find a good home for them with someone who would love the details in each piece of the kitchenware. Wes knows we have no control over who buys our items, but he does know I have absolutely wonderful customers, most who become friends or pen pals and will treasure them as Iva did.

So they are all listed. Beautiful iced tea spoons from Holland with windmills, cake forks and tea spoons with different Dutch designs and even a little napkin holder with a windmill. Pretty set for display or to use and enjoy.

And I'm sure part of the reason Wes brought them over was just to have someone to talk to for a bit. He should know by now he doesn't need an excuse. I miss Iva too.

Vintage Holland Windmill Napkin Holder

Holland Dutch Iced Tea Spoons set 6 Vintage 60s Mint in Box

Sterling Silver Collector Tea Spoons Dutch Holland Figures Set 6 MIB

NIB Holland Figural Cake Forks

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