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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dramatic Vintage Nightgowns in Satin and Chiffon with Full Sweeps

If you admired the old movies with the dramatic lingerie, actresses making a grand entrance into a room with flowing nightgowns, you would love a full sweep nightgown. Sadly, no longer made but there are plenty available in vintage! A double chiffon vintage nightgown with a huge sweep ~ one that you can't tell is completely sheer until you stand in the light, or a 1940s inspired satin nightgown with a bias inset and a smaller sweep are the ultimate in glamorous!

and you can feel like a movie star wearing one, at

we have huge 200" sweep nightgowns or even just full A lines that are still impressive. From satins to chiffon ~ there's something for every taste or preference.

Vintage Nightgown Victoria's Secret White Satin Full Sweep Lacy S

Amazing Double Chiffon Lily of France Nightgown with Gold Embroidery

Vintage Undercover Wear Full Sweep Lace Inset TALL s

Vintage Intime Double Chiffon Huge Sweep Black Nightgown


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  1. Ever since I was little I have loved lingerie and nightgowns of the past. When I watched old movies my favorite scenes were when you could see the girls underpinnings. Everything just looked so pretty with the shear, flowy fabrics, and all the lace :)