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Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Fun with Marshmallow Peeps Decorating to Dioramas

Wanting to do something different from last years Peeps blog which featured brilliant peep dioramas, I decided to search for fun things created of my coveted marshmallow peeps; Pages of creativity emerged from both google and pintrest searches.

Beautiful Easter floral centerpieces:

Fun Wreaths:

Then sidetracked by a peep cupcakes:

And chocolate dipped peeps:

And great campfire ideas with leftover peeps:

Roasted Peeps ~

Pretty Smores ~

Unable to resist "peeping" at the dioramas, how cute are these of some favorite TV shows ~

The Peeps of the Voice ~

Pee Wee's Peep House ~

A little bit of rock:

Beatles Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Peeps~

The Monkees ~

Since the Just Born (r) company makes Peeps being available now for every holiday from Halloween, Valentine's Day to Christmas they lost just a bit of their allure of only being available at Easter which made them super special. Understanding the need for a company to diversify, its a good thing if it keeps the US company thriving. But.. a gift from my sister Laura who knows I adore any shape, form or color of peeps has me a wee bit disappointed! Peepsters ~ Chocolate covered peep drops with a tiny bit of marshmallow in them? Not a hit,almost like a mini Cadbury egg...and of course since they are chocolate and marshmallow ~ two favored things, if you take Laura's advice and let them melt in your mouth letting the flavor blend, instead of biting them, they do taste better. Sadly the only peep reference is a teeny tiny little chicken peep on top of each drop. You decide.. too much variance from the original product or a yummy idea?


Addicted to Peeps

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