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Friday, December 31, 2010

Avoid the Winter Blues, Lounge in It With a Vintage Robe

We're about to hit that long stretch after all the excitement of the holidays.. you know.. the winter blues where we just can't wait for spring. Instead of having the winter blues, how about wearing it?

Blue is such a pretty color, and in so many hues, there is a shade flattering on everyone. Beautiful to lounge in, we have vintage blue robes in short sleeve or long, lightweight cotton or plush velour. Pick your favorite!
All are available at

Short Sleeve Light weight Blue vintage Zip Front Vanity Fair long Robe lounger XS S

Luxurious Velour Zip Front Vintage Robe Komar Sapphire Blue Knee length S

Elegant Lace Insets Blue matte Satin Designer Christian Dior Dressing Gown Robe

Lightweight Blue Check Waltz Length Vintage Rare Cotton Miss Elaine Lounge Robe or Nightgown S M

Blue not your color? we have other colors available too!


  1. What a beautiful post, Von, you are such a talented writer! :)

  2. really a nice post!!!
    and good collection of lightweight cotton or plush velour.
    Lightweight Bathrobes