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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall..Time for a Snuggly Vintage Robe or Lounger or Quilted Mad Men Robe

Cool fall mornings and nights.. beautiful days, glorious colors as the leaves change. Is fall everyone's favorite time of year?

its also time for snuggly's! yes.. wonderful robes for lounging in after work, for sliping into at night to cuddle up with a hot chocolate and watch tv or read. Personally? i love them. just love a zip front robe especially and live in them all winter.

if someone pops in and surprises you, you look cute. You are warm and comfortable.

Vintage robes are available in long, short, zip, wrap, you name it! From velour to flannel, every fabric imaginable and not like anything available today. The older velours are heavenly. The cotton flannel wonderful (do they even still make cotton flannel?)

you can find simple with no frills, to beautiful satin accents on velour. Whatever your taste or style, its available in vintage! And, isn't it amazing the vintage robes are still around and fabulous? You rarely get more than a year out of today's robes.. go vintage!

This is just a small selection of robes available in my ecrater shop,
Vintage Outlet
with more added as fast as i can get to them. As a personal favorite item, i actively seek them out to offer to you!

Don't see what you like? we have lots more! just send us an email, we'll be happy to list something for your consideration with never an obligation.

Vintage Outlet

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