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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vintage Barbizon Nightgowns Luxury from Demure to Sexy a Style for Everyone

hang tag I find the history of a company as fascinating as the product they manufacturer. I must have spent three months researching The History of Olga, substantiating it, writing the article for this blog, and submitting the information to the Vintage Fashion Guild for their resource.

Well, i probably have spent more than that amount of time already working on Barbizon. What a challange! The VFG and other sites state the company was started in 1933, but i have a hang tag that says 1917. Oddly, these vintage gowns with the original tags provide much history. So.. i'm still plugging away. Hopefully it will be done soon.. i'm working my way throught NY Times obits already. lol.. yes.. i do dig deep! Its more interesting because there is nothing per se of "history of barbizon" on the net.. nor even in Wiki.

And this is a special project for me. Yes, i love Olga, Miss Elaine.. and all the other brands, but Barbizon has something for everyone. I truly have a passion for them. They have a unique variety for everyone.

They have the most wonderful slippery smooth satin and specialize in the most beautiful hand embroidery, done in the Philippines. Rarely do you find a Barbizon nightgown without even a touch of embroidery. On the simplest of gowns, there will be a dainty embroidery on even just the collar.

EMBOROIDERy barbizon nightgown

They have fabulous gowns perfect for a Bridal shower, trousseau or just special occasions.

And Cuddleskin?? That is Barbizon's line of their beautiful satin nightgowns ~ but.. they have the most incredibly soft fluffy nylon flannel inside. So you can still look beautiful while being cuddly and warm. The cuddleskins are getting harder and harder to find.. people "know" them and grab them up. There are many imitations, but a true Barbizon Cuddleskin is the ultimate~ like no other. Beautiful and demure.

Barbizon Cuddleskin Nightgown vintage

Probably because of my own passion for Barbizon, i can't seem to keep them in stock ~ they sell as fast as i can list them. Do you think a customer can tell when a seller is excited about their product? Possibly.. and if that's the case.. it is one item i am always excited to list. I have four hanging right now, freshly laundered and ready to be steamed and take the pictures.

And we do have a few available right now. My favorite are two white satin ones.. that just look so bridal, one is vintage new with tags ~ in fact the tag that says the company was founded in 1917.

Stop at my little shop and check the Barbizons and see why its most people's "little secret ~

here are just a few of them:

Vintage Barbizon Cuddleskin Satin Nightgown vintageoutlet
Vintage barbizon nightgown embroidered nwt vintageoutlet

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  1. I love Barbizon nightgowns!

  2. Barbizon Gowns Have a Vintage Feel and they don't skimp on the fabric. I too love Barbizon Nightgowns. Tres Chic Resale.

  3. Thank you for your comments! and I have to agree with both of you.. I love them too.. and the fabrics are fabulous, from their nylons, rayon satins, taffeta's and even flannel's... just like no other! :D yvonne

  4. I agree. I just found out that Barbizon not only had their own designs, but they created their own fabrics. I have a vintage robe from a pegnoir set (don't remember what happened to the nightgown) that still feels just wonderful! My daughter (now 29) remembered that set and asked for a robe "like that satiny one you used to wear" for Christmas. I can't find one, so I'm going to freshly launder it and give it to her. It's as nice as the day I received it as a gift from my own mom.
    So nice to find your site!

  5. Thanks Jeanne! Yes.. Barbizon did make their own amazing fabrics, and they last forever they are such good quality! Hope your daughter treasures the robe, what a wonderful gift; even more special that it was yours, a true family "heirloom". yvonne

  6. Do you know where I could find Barbazon pajamas in small. My mom loves these satin outside and warm brushed cotton inside. She is 102 years old and I would love to find this for her Christmas. Thanks.