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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vintage Slips..Liz Taylor Rocked Them

Elizabeth Taylor has always been one of my very favorite acresses. She was a true "movie star" in all aspects of the word.

And I admire her not only as an actress, but a humanitarian as well. She tirelessly gives to charities and supports them. As young as 15, she was called "The most beautiful woman in the world, " as well as "Top Ten Most Beautiful Eyes."

The female equilivent of the English "Sir".. Ms Taylor was knighted "Dame". I have also admired her fashion well. She is now and has always been an amazing fashion icon. From the full skirts and demure gloves of the 50s to the turbans and fun hats of the 60s and 70s and even hot pants.. always dramatic on screen and off.

Caftans and Goddess style dresses were made for her, and she wore them well. Accessories? We all know of her fabulous jewelry and diamond gifts from husband Richard Burton.

I also think she probably did more for slips than any lingerie advertising agency could dream of. Can you imagine the slip sales after her appearance in a lacy full slip in her 1958 movie, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof".. overnight slips became dramatic, provocative and sexy.

Then she did it again in 1960 in the movie Butterfield 8.. more seductive slips. Liz again showed us lingerie can be fabulous.

Vintage slips are fascinating and beautiful, a style to enhance any figure type.. There is nothing sexier than just a peek of the lace hem of a slip under a dress. Vintage slips have empire waist seams if you are thin, or side darted seams to slim you.

They come demure and plain, to lots of lace or crystal pleated chiffon hems. There really is a huge variety available in vintage, unlike most slips made today.

If you are brave, wear one as a dress. So many slips from the 50s and 60s are lined and or have zippers for a precise fit, fabulous, perfect as a little dress.

They also could be worn "multi purpose.". under a skirt, the top of the slip exposed as a blouse under a cute jacket or blazer.

Or, as Liz Taylor demonstrated so beautifully, skip the nightgown and just wear a slip!

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