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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tis the Season For Hats Kentucky Derby Time

Vintage hats are fabulous. The have a certain charm and nostalgia not found in today's hats although there have been some great "new" currently created hats in the public eye lately. For anyone who shares my passion of hats, this has been our time!

Starting with Easter, and of those that wear hats to church, we had Easter hats. Interviewed by a writer at the Ft. Worth Star telegram for an article on vintage hats, I was thrilled to share my passion, I'm not allowed to quote the article, but you can read it here ~

Vintage Hats- Star Telegram

Next we had the fabulous hats and fascinators at the Royal Wedding and then the Kentucky Derby. Hats seem to be taking over the fashion news.

The United States proved we won't be outdone by the Royal Wedding and hats. We gave them a good run this year! Now if only they would become a daily fashion trend again~

Along with beautiful hats:

We also had wacky ones, just as they did at the Royal Wedding, but you have to admit, our's were fun:

I have not discovered any wonderful vintage hats yet at Derby, but give me a day! In the meantime, this one by YSL is definitely kind of unique:

Yves Saint Laurent Hat circa 1970s @VintageOutlet

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