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Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage Robes & Caftans ~ A Hard Habit to Break

The habit began early, and was probably "out of control" by the late 70s, early 80s. Working, going to school and a single mom in the days of panty hose and heels, i would come home totally exhausted.

I'd kick my shoes off at the door, drag myself to the bedroom and slip into a caftan. I fell in love with them. Completely comfortable, luxurious, "decent" if a neighbor or unexpected company popped in, just heavenly.

From caftans i progressed to zip front robes, again for the same reason ~ but available in "seasons" ~ what a find! Long sleeve velour robes for cold winter nights to curl up with hot chocolate and a good book in front of the fireplace.

Short sleeve, lightweight nylon for summer, in pretty floral prints. Ahh.. loungewear all year long! I was in heaven, until they suddenly were no longer available. This is probably about the time I discovered vintage. New designers were no longer making them, but the old faithful's were still available.

To find an estate where the lady of the house shared my passion was better than a gold mine! I had every color, style and shade imaginable. And amazingly, still have most of them 20 years later!

Absolutely! Vintage LASTS! Quality fabrics, excellent construction, amazing detail. And all these years later, i love slipping into a zip front robe when i get home, lounging in one on Saturday mornings with my tea outside on the back porch.. or just to get warm and cozy on a cold night.

I seek them out. Rarely will you find my shop with out one.. usually a nice variety, but they go fast as other's learn my secret. But, you will never find one in my size available in my shop~ finders keepers! :)

If you share my passion, check out my shop for caftans and zip robes for all seasons!


  1. I'm wearing that exact Adonna dark blue velour zip front robe shown in the last photo on this post. I've been looking for another like it - didn't think it was vintage, since I received it as a gift, brand-new, a few years ago. But I'd love to find another one. Can you help?

  2. Vintage,,the age where women dressed like women. In our hurried lives today, when do we ever get a chance. We have to make our own moments. I am so sorry to say, my computer couldn't find your shop. Some where it collided with eBay. The one with the lace front, took my breath away