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Monday, June 28, 2010

In time for the Intime'

known fact ~ mention "road trip" and i have my shoes on waiting at the door. just love them! When we first moved to texas, we'd explore constantly.. always going on little rides, taking country roads and just checking things out in our new state.

then allana became a cheerleader.. horray! we had an "excuse" for road trips. We'd all caravan from the school to the town where the football game was, but after the game, we'd venture off on our own. We'd have lunch at a little local mom/pop diner.. stop at antique malls, and of course road side stands for produce.

the kids are grown.. so now our road trips are justified with estate sale..not that we need a "reason' for one, but it makes them fun.

So Saturday, off we go. My middle daughter Melissa and I head two hours south. for one well advertised estate sale. Did i mention its over 100 degrees in Tx? and of course, hotter south.

we get there, wait in line.. get in and no luck. lots of pottery and china. smalls. things i no longer am interested in ~ already have a garage full of that!

squeezing our way into the bedroom.. nothing. wah! she was a "pajama lady".. no pretty nightgowns. But wait! i spot chiffon. and black! i move over to the dresses and YES! she had a nightgown! i grabbed it, a few purses and off we go.

we find a cute little resturant, have a wonderful home made lunch with out of this world barbecue, then hit the town square and the little antique shops. No other purchases but enjoyed all the little shops.

We took our time driving back, again using country roads and avoiding the freeway. by now its probably 103. And i realize we need to start doing estates either north or east where its a wee bit cooler to walk around.

and the nightgown? totally worth the drive, even if it was only one and not perfect but gorgeous.. a vintage Intime' of California with a fabulous massive sweep of chiffon.

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