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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Years Resolution in June?

i realized this morning i had started a blog. Took a huge amount of searching, recovering passwords, finding the "correct" email associated with it, and accessing it. Sure did! found it. lol..

and i am embarassed, yet its kind of funny. my last and only post was 2 years ago. i think i got side tracked?

Did i get to busy to blog??? Why, I'm an "empty nester" now! My last daughter left for college ten years ago. There are no more responsibilities of the children. Sure, i still have the house. a wonderful neighbor does my much smaller lawn. the daily responsibilites now are much less.

So how on earth could i forget i started a blog and there are masses out there waiting to read my every word.. REALLY lol now!

when the kids left, and i found myself working from home i was organized. i had goals. i would discipline myself to take pictures of minimum 10 new items a week, and list them on my "secret" nights on ebay when i thought my items would get the most attention.

then ebay ended. i set up selling sites on other venues. there was no longer the need to list at certain times ~ i could list during the day or the middle of the night! it was wonderful. i loved my new found freedom, but missed the regular sales of course. It is WAY more difficult to promote items on a web site verses the international exposure of a site like ebay.

i started a blog. did twitter and facebook. the social media thing. Facebook is fun..its not a chore and has not been neglected in two years. I have found friends i havent seen since kindergarten ~ in fact, 6 of us from elementary school had lunch together in Mich a few months back.. it was like we had just seen each other yesterday, not 30 years ago.. too fun! I'm in the middle with the black print shirt.

i digress..anyway.. this social media thing on line is fun. Since i have limited computer skills, my daughter the college grad started a face book fan page for me.. (yes.. i'd love you as a fan, or a "like"..)

and since i love to write, i can't imagine how i could forget my blog!

So even though its June, and its unconventional, i'm making a new years resolution. i am now going to post a new blog (realistically) once a week; although i'm shooting for more.

i am going to keep up with my social media projects. Twitter regularly as well as the Vintage Pretties Fan page.. (the personal face book is already a daily routine, lol)

i am going to list at least 5 new things a week, and start getting this overwhelming inventory of racks and racks and totes of vintage inventory, both women's and mens; boxes of hats and shoes and even tons of estate jewelry out of my house.

Just because i don't "have" to do things.. i should.. and i really want to! And if i commit to it like this, why i'll just have to do it, won't i??

let the games begin!

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