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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Texas Country Reporter

One of the best things about selling vintage is scouting it. Since i absolultey love a road trip, its a great justification for one! We get to see a new area, go to wonderful estate sales and enjoy local food. we especially enjoy small towns and back roads.

A lot of the inspiration for our road trips comes from one of my favorite local travel shows, "Texas Country Reporter"

Bob Phillips, the show's host features small towns, artists, festivals and just people of interest in the state of texas. We have enjoyed many of the locations suggested on the show, often perfect little weekend get aways.

Imagine my surprise, and excitement when today's show featured a re-sale clothing store! Yes! Bob went to Sweetwater, Tx, and visited Bennie Frazier, who owns Bennie's Attic.

Bennie was interviewed mainly for an estate she bought of original Route 66 art.. which is fabulous, but of course, i was focusing on the racks and racks of fabulous vintage designer clothing, hats, purses and shoes.

There were ladies shopping during the show, and trying on clothing. Racks of beautiful coats and dresses were glimpsed.. enough to tease!

Bennie also had cute collectibles and antiques.. the store looks absolutely charming, a place you could just spend hours in. Bennie herself seems like a fun, vivacious person that anyone would enjoy meeting.

Sadly, i found no website for her, a few local newspaper articles and of course video from today's Country REporter show.

but~ know the second we can get away, we're heading down to sweetwater to visit Bennie's store and see her vintage clothing!

If you happen to be in Texas, Bennie's Attic is at 113 Oak St., Sweetwater, TX 795556

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