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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Very Special Vintage Robes

Woo hoo! only 19 days into the month and my "new year's resolution" and i have exceeded all my goals.. tons and tons of new listings on, facebook, twitter AND my beloved blog all have regular updates.

One of my projects was Robes.. a dear dear customer who became a pen pal, and now is a wonderful friend put in a request for a robe.. so i grabbed one tote (of several) and started on the robes. Scarey ~ i forgot just how many i have.. and they should be listed!! So i got to work on robes.

Last year, i drove to Austin (5 hours, told ya i love road trips! lol) and went to an estate sale there. It was amazing. A gentleman who worked in the oil industry was constantly on the road for his job. He had a wonderful wife of 40 years.. and with each trip, he would return with a gift for her, and it was almost always lingerie.

If he was in a small town, he would purchase from a local boutique.. if it was big city, he'd go to Neiman's or Saks.. nothing was too good for his beautiful wife.

And of course, she had more lingerie than she could ever wear! Each piece was amazing. The condition incredible.

Then in the 1980s she passed away. He never re-married, devoted forever to his wonderful wife. The trips continued, and he passed away last year. The daughters had to deal with the estate, and among it, all their mother's treasured lingerie. I bought every single piece. it became as sentimental to me as it was to the daughters, and i listed it slowly.

A wonderful lady in California bought the first piece. We became pen pals.. and she asked of the estate and i told her what i had learned.. so she bought more. In fact, she bought most of it, and i was thrilled it went to a good home. Sellers get personal about their things you know..

And today i came across two more pieces from this estate. A gorgeous late 1970s vintage Komar Robe in a stunning peacock blue velour.. it has a zip front perfect for lounging but it also has the most amazing neckline. its quilted.. but the quilting is actually done in roses and leaves. its just gorgeous. Of course, like new, with a dry cleaning tag attached.

She also had a pink brocade or jacquard robe. Its satin, but very light and fluid, the design a subtle tone on tone.. just lovely! it too has quilted trim. Stunning white satin with classic diamond quilting accents on the pockets, cuffs and the shawl collar. Very Mad Men.. it would be fabulous on the show with January Jones wearing it! Actually, if it meant getting close to Don Draper.. i'd wear it!!

Well, the robe tote is almost done.. and i do hope if my special friend in N. Carolina doesn't buy either of these, that they go to a home as special as they came from.

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