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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fabulous Vintage Olga Nightgown in Rare Styles

Of course i love an Olga nightgown.. who doesn't? if you read my earlier post about the history of olga nightgowns, you have already learned there's a style to suit everyone!

well, i managed to get a few new ones listed this week.. one a common favorite, the other two really rare:

This one is the more common, but highly collectable "Butterfly" lace.. called so because of the lace inset across the bodice that trails a wee bit down the side to give almost an illusion of butterfly wings.. isnt it pretty? This is in the Bodysilk fabric, ultra silky and luxurious.

A more rare one is this cozy top secret hug. it has a fabulous brushed nylon bodice and silky nylon skirt. Wonderful long sleeves with lace cuffs.. how perfect for a cold winter night, with the flannel like top, and the silky bottom.. the best of both worlds!!

and last we have another really rare style, the fabric ultra sheer and ultra soft, with a "whipped cream" texture.. just incredible. I like it for the style as well.. a little stand up collar, pintucks at the bodice, then yards and yards of fabric as it flows free busted to the floor.. with an amazing full sweep. demure, yet very sexy!

All are available in my shop! stop by and look at all the lovely Olga nightgowns available.

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