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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Irish Tale - The Postcard

Not Vintage, even remotely, but a fun story i just have to share ~

My friends are probably totally sick of me talking about my daughter & son in law's trip to Ireland, but be patient with me please. :D

And yes. I admit to totally living vicariously through her. Ireland is on my own bucket list.

For those that don't know, Allana & Mike booked a trip to Ireland last year. Suddenly a volcano erupted, the atmosphere was full of ash and all flights were canceled. Rebooking, they went for St. Patrick's Day this year.

My sweet, considerate daughter picked up a postcard for her Momma the first day they landed in Dublin. A few days later, they found a "Post" where she could buy stamps for the post card. Corner mailboxes like we have here in the states are nonexistent there, so the card was stuck in her purse till they could find another "Post" to mail it.

The whirlwind trip continued, the kids having an amazing time and loving every second of the breathtaking scenery, wonderful culture, and great people. A week later, they are at the airport sadly leaving Ireland for the trip home, and Allana realizes she hasn't mailed the postcard!

An hour to get through customs, inside the airport there is no place to post it. Mike, always so logical, says just to send it from New York, but Allana, always so emotional (they make the GREATEST pair!!) insists it has to have an Ireland postmark. Besides, it has Irish postage, which might not be honored in the States.

So they board the Aer Lingus plane, Allana a wee bit disappointed. Then she reaches for the "barf bag" in the seat pocket. She writes a note on the bag, asking for whoever finds this, to please mail the postcard when they get to Ireland, and please find a sheet of stamps they may keep for their inconvenience to send their own postcards home.

Allana puts the stamps and postcard in the barf bag, and slips the bag inside a magazine hoping it will be discovered.

She calls to tell me what she did and we laugh. Only my kid would think of something like that. We wonder if the card will ever appear. If it will get pitched by a flight attendant, thrown away by someone who thinks she's crazy, or it will be like a message in a bottle, showing up years later. Yes, she and I are hopeless romantics too. We were betting on some kind soul to discover and mail it for us.

Yesterday, I'm driving home from work, listening to "The Cave," my favorite Mumford & Sons song (yes, I'm Irish obsessed right now) and pull up to the mail box.

OH MY GOSH! The post card is HERE!! Already! It was obviously discovered by a person on the next flight to Ireland. They didn't think Allana was crazy.. they mailed it for her! Sadly, I wish they would have added a little note, with their name, or their home state so I could know who sent it for her~ but they didn't.

I'm thrilled. I have my postcard with a Dublin postmark. And it proves there are really nice people around.. that are willing to send a postcard from a daughter to her mother.

Thank you, kind stranger for sending the postcard you found on the plane!


  1. That is just a hoot!

  2. Thank you! we had a good laugh too. :D

  3. That's a lovely story!

  4. Thank you for your compliments. We were surprised someone did send it. My suggestion to my daughter was next trip she take her mother, then she doesn't have to send me a postcard. :D