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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Kindness of Friends - An Artfire Collection

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Friends in real life, many of them since kindergarten. And I also am fortunate to have wonderful Internet friends... people I have never met in real life. Not only other sellers, but amazing customers as well.

In the early days of ebay, sellers bonded. We weren't competition, but peers. One in particular,
emailed one day as she sold lingerie too, and asked if by chance I had a robe to go with an Olga Nightgown to make a set.
and I became instant friends and now all these years later, we email daily, chat on the phone and she is like a sister to me. and we both left ebay for more "honest" pastures

Another I met a few years ago is
We met as members of the VFG (Vintage Fashion Guild, and she was at Specialist Auctions at the time, and we exchanged a few emails regarding the site.
moved on and we lost touch until last year when she started a group blog and she invited me to join. From that blog, came
The Best In Vintage.
Marge is another wonderful friend, Kind and generous with a good heart.

Marge also understands I'm on AOL and dial up, and don't forget I'm using an antique computer. She knows I've had a rough few months. I started a little shop on just after Christmas, then pretty much abandoned it, despite loving the venue. I needed incentive to get back to work.

Well, Marge decided to surprise me! She spent hours creating a collection on artfire featuring some of my items! You can see it here:

Luxurious Lingerie comes in many shapes, textures, colors and sizes!

Or I'll save you a click and just copy it here ~ Thank you Marge!

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