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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Fashions for Children 1959

(cousin Clory, my sister Sabrina, Clory's twin Jean, my sister Laura, me.)

Another of Dad's many "hobbies" was photography. He loved taking pictures, and although we probably dreaded having constant pictures taken back then, we're grateful for it now. We have reminders of wonderful memories.

Easter was one of them. Every year, Mom would take us each shopping for the "perfect dress" in a pretty pastel, little white gloves (sometimes just passed down) a new spring coat, and always a new (mandatory!) Easter bonnet hat and purse. We picked them out ourselves and they were our treasures.

Of course we left the gloves on in Church and all day.. we were proper ladies!

a few more cousins, including Chuck with his "dapper grown up hat" and Maria looking like a little doll on the car, shortly before she tumbled off.

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