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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Tuesdays The Kindess of Strangers and a $500 Nightgown

Can we Please Take Tuesdays off the Calendar?

I used to like Tuesdays. They kind of break up the week, a little more for me than a humpday Wednesday. For some reason, stores aren't as busy. Parking lots aren't crowded, and there's never waiting at my Doctor's on Tuesdays. Its just never a busy day anywhere. And in Tx, where we have estate sales every day of the week, often I can hit one, and again, no large crowds. Perfect!

Three weeks ago, I do my Tuesday thing. I come home, and one of my dear friends is sitting on my porch waiting. She has just left her Dr. with a serious diagnosis. We cried, hugged, talked a long time and hopefully she is a little better emotionally and has hope.

Then I check the computer. I discover I have my FIRST charge back EVER. In 11 years! The first! Never leaving any extra money in paypal, I had actually wiped out the account buying gas that morning at my regular little Mom & Pop local station via my papal card. Of course, their payment was approved when I made my purchase, then later declined while paypal FROZE my account! Can you say totally embarassed?

No rhyme, reason or notice from the customer. I email, politely ask what's wrong, why she didn't contact me or let us work things out. No reply. I am totally out of the loop as to WHY she did this without at least communication.

Since I now have a negative balance in paypal I immediately transfer bank funds to cover her refund AND the gas from my friends station. Guess what. It takes 7 days to for paypal to credit transferred funds. Really? Seven days in this age of instant deposits?. Just unreal. Worse, had this lady just contacted me, we could have resolved it. I'm VERY easy to work with and want only 100% satisfaction for my customers.

Then two weeks ago Tuesday, I break my glasses. I leave the house for barely an hour, run to a local optometrist and see if they can repair the frames. They did a temp job on the old ones and ordered a new pair. Can we say $100 of unexpected / unplanned expense?

When I return after this "brief" trip to town, something seems odd. You guessed it. Despite my nice safe wonderful neighborhood in the country, my house was robbed. They climbed in through the DOGGIE DOOR! No kidding?

They were kind enough to unlock the same door on their way out instead of breaking it. I'm sure their arms were too full to fit back through the doggie door. Sadly, they took my daughter Melissa's little tiny Acer Laptop (who is mentally impaired, so it meant ALOT to her for her games!) They took a few other random things, including a pillow case to carry their treasures off, but I do believe they heard me pull up and left in a hurry, not getting all they wanted. And I'm sure I almost walked in on them.

Not realizing I was on a "Tuesday roll" of bad luck again, this Tuesday I went to see the Dr. and conveniently a few towns over an estate sale. I arrive by 10am at the estate, and there were only a few people there. I run to the bedroom as usual, and wahhh! Not a single piece of lingerie. Not one to give up, I ask and am told it was "pitched."

I check the dresses. WOW! the most darling patchwork embroidered white eyelet EVER. I'm a sucker for eyelet. I grab it to check condition and the label says "sleepwear!" They missed a nightgown as it could easily be worn as the most darling summer dress.

By this time, its 11 am and already 103 degrees. This Menopausal Momma doesn't do heat well. I start the car. Nothing. Try again. Dead as a doornail. Again ~ NOTHING. I do manage to get the power windows rolled down. So that means its only about 110 in the car.

Just then an elderly gentleman walks by and asks if I need help. We pop the hood, he pulls up his truck and we try to jump it. No luck. he gets some tools, tightens things, again no luck. In the mean time, his darling little wife (they are at least mid 80s) hands me wet ones to wipe my heavily perspired (read dripping in sweat, lol) face. She tells me they have just moved here from Oklahoma. In the meantime, these darling people are out in the heat as well, and shouldn't be.

Next a young mother with three little girls approaches us. She says maybe the jumper cables are bad? She has some, goes to get them and we try hers. One of her little girls brings back a bottle of water for me, smiling so sweetly as she offers it. What a little doll, such wonderful children she has! But, her jumpers don't work either.

Then a young man comes and offers to help. His theory is its not the recently purchased battery (a whole 'nother story) but perhaps the starter, alternator or cylanoid.

Everyone offers to drive me home. Every single one of them. We're talking a 45 minute drive minimum. I politely refuse, and offer to buy the older couple lunch, they instead want to buy ME lunch AND drive me home. I thank them, and decline. The young Mom offers to drive me a town over to Walmart to buy a new battery, bring it back and help me put it in.

These people were all just amazing. Angels! In this day and age of people passing someone walking with a gas can on the highway, I've drawn a crowd of total Angels!

Although generous offers, they were just not practical. I'm too far from home. I end up calling a tow truck to haul the car back to Ft. Worth. Pretty exciting! my first ride in a tow truck! The driver was from Fla, had just moved here and agreed with me, Texans are the kindest, most generous people in the United States!

Towing? $86

We drop the car at my "favorite" garage.. the young man at the estate sale's guess was right. Starter. $403. A day or two with no car.

Does this by chance make this fabulous eyelet nightgown worth $489? LOL.. not really but the thought crossed my mind.

And.. I have learned my lesson..Three's a charm. I'm not leaving the house on a Tuesday again EVER!

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