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Friday, June 24, 2011

Estate Sales - Road Trips and Vintage Lingerie

If you just look at me and say "road trip".. I'm at the door with my shoes on, ready to go. I absolutely love road trips. Long, short, a full day. It doesn't matter, as long as I'm going. I think it's hereditary. Mom's worse. she has her little overnight suitcase packed immediately, as do my daughters.

An estate sale is often our perfect "excuse" for a road trip. I simply say "Shreveport, LA." and I have eager passengers. In the fall, we love going to Oklahoma and enjoying the color. New Mexico? Perfect, an excuse to visit an Aunt.

I am also guilty of "estate sales cross country." Each year when I drive to Michigan from TX, yes ~ I hit estate sales along the way. It does break up the drive and adds fun. Sometimes difficult, but do-able.

There are many services available that list when and where estate sales are. These really help a lot, conserving gas, and planning a trip. With gas so crazy, I try to have at least three stops before I leave.

The advantage ~ seeing so many fabulous homes and enjoying so many fabulous vintage items. The disadvantage? Often the lingerie is thrown out as its so personal. Quite often, we have a trip without a single purchase.

The other disadvantage is its usually all one size. If the lady of the house was an extra small, that's all that will be available. It's definately not like shopping at Macy's where you have your choice of size. But, it is fun and exciting, especially when you find that rare estate with fabulous lingerie!

We enjoy not only drive and the sales, but the towns new to us as well. Always having lunch at a local mom/ pop resturant, walking the streets, browsing the shops and of course stopping at all the antique stores. Each one is always a fun little road trip.

When you see my new listings, and each one of them are all a size Medium ~ you'll know.. an estate of just medium items! Here are a few new estate sale finds at

from three different TX estates, from Dallas to Weatherford!

Vintage Lorraine Nightgown Floral Full Sweep Plus Size 2X XX

Vanity Fair Vintage Nightgown Peignoir S XS

Miss Elaine Pink Vintage Nightgown M L


  1. Oh how I would love to go on a road trip with you. Imagine the fun! Great post. :-)

  2. Oh Louise! we would have the car so packed to the roof we wouldn't be able to see out the windows, and we'd come home with sore faces from laughing so hard constantly! you are right.. it would be so fun! Come to Texas!! xo